Underside rust on my new 2010 GT500

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by fladriver, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. This is what the underside of my new 2010 GT500 looked like after we trailered it home. the car had 34 miles on two weeks ago when I took these pictures.

    The rust is much worse than what was on my 2009. It is really hard to believe that Ford would let their flagship $50,000 car go out in this kind of condition.


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  3. I understand your upset....therefore...you should probably give me your GT500 and be done with it :)

    The rust dont look bad, but I get it...cars not even broken in and you have rust on it. At least call the dealer and explain your dislikes with whats going on.
  4. this is very common man i mean its not good at all but as soon as theses things see a mist of water its flashed over. i was very dissappointed when i got under mine to do my exhaust it looked like my 90 fox :(
  5. bro, bare steel, and bare cast iron will look like that in days, i cannot believe yours look that good!

    every new car out there will look like that on bare non stainless parts.
    if it really bothers you, paint it now while it is so minor. it will never rust through, but the scale will get thicker, and painting later will never look as goos as if you do it now.

    for me, i do not show cars, so i would drive it, and forget it is there.
  6. as nosmatt said EVERY new car looks like that.. Just drive the car and be happy
  7. My Lincoln MKX is 2 1/2 years old with 20,000 mile and has no rust underneath it at all and neither does my F-150.

    Many of the smaller steel brackets that are painted on the MKX and F-150 were left bare on the GT500.

    The Mustang has always been a cheap low quality car and the GT500 is built on the same line. The other Ford models are getting much better quality than the Mustangs unfortunately.

    My Lincoln MKX after 2 1/2 years and 20,000 miles, no rust, none, anywhere.

    Sorry guys but they are going to have to take care of this issue for me. It is not acceptable.

  8. 27048X_125_4.jpg

    Here you go, now grab yourself a brush, put your car up on blocks and go to town. :shrug:
  9. See the quoted post above yours. He's a Ford tech and is hinting at what the dealer is going to tell you, without actually saying it. Otherwise, there's what Brian said immediately above this post.
  10. my 2006 f150 looked just like that!

    sorry dude, the b.s is called, and i am not one to do that to people, but your comments are rediculous. bare steel rusts. the control arms on fox mustangs were galvanized, so in areas like cali, they dont rust, but the bearing shells sure did, and the axle tubes etc.... had NOTHING to do with being a stang!

    do you think ford makes the rear end in a ford truck? how about the axle shafts in your mkx ?

    anyway, im done. insignificant, but take it to a dealership, and see what they tell ya :)
  11. I've been interested in metalergy for while and if this bothers you you should do what Gearbanger has advised. Any castiron is gonna rust so coat it. :)
  12. I don't mean to sound insensitive or non caring....but it is the underside of your car, who's under there looking? and my 05 looked like that when I did my first oil change on it. It's bare metal exposed to the elements, paint it if it's a problem, but I really really doubt the dealership will be of much help. You could probably go look under another Mustang on the lot and see the same thing.
  13. Guys, the rust is only one of the many issues we are finding on our 2010 GT500s. Mine is one of the better ones and here is my list so far:

    1. major paint flaw on right front fender and is also documented on many more cars.
    2. the new hood does not align properly, poorly designed, also documented on many cars.
    3. My air vents are mis matched. minor problem
    4. My rear bumpers do not fit on the left side they protrude 1/16 to 1/8 inch while the right side are flush.
    5. The car is a total rust bucket underneath and mine is one of the better ones.
    6. Many of the cars are having a shift problem from 1st to 2nd gear at high rpms.
    These are the problems that are numerous and documented on a lot of cars. There are other individual cars with unsewn seats where the stuffing is coming out, bad damage in shipment and so on.

    Excuse me for being upset about the rust but so far the 2010 is a bit of a disappointent to many of us. I love the way the car drives and handles but the quality is no where near what it should be for a $50,000 car.

  14. Wow....Id be pissed to...ITS A SHELBY lol... I dont see why some arent getting it, this isnt a regular GT. This is FORDS FLAG SHIP HOTROD...COMEON.. This car is a collector !!!

    Raise hell man...get together with the other owners and raise hell.
  15. I just got some pictures of the new 2010 Camaro underneath and posted them over at TS. the Camaro is beautiful underneath and looks like a new car should. You guys can defend the bad job Ford is doing underneath these cars but the truth is for a few dollars they could produce a car the same quality as the camaro. Don't get me wrong I love the car but the quality is very poor and they need to fix the rust issue.

    See you guys,

    Last post here

  16. Like it or not, underneath it's just a Mustang with enhanced suspension, bigger tires, and a bigger engine. It's not going to be any less prone to things like this than the regular V6 Mustang. Those other issues with paint and air vents all seem like minor things that can be repaired at the dealership, along with your bumpers not lining up.

    I understand it's the flagship hotrod, but it's still just an expensive Mustang. You're going to have to deal with rust unless you undercoat the car or paint it.

    As with the other issues, is your vehicle specifically having the 1st to 2nd shift problem? Are your seats ok? I would assume after a certain number of people complain to Ford about the same problem they would issue a TSB for the issue. Your issues seem to be minor. Take it to the dealership, see what they'll do to make it good for you, but in the mean time try to enjoy your ride man. :nice:
  17. So GM puts a protective coating on the underside of their cars. I guess so when they're doing their oil changes they can look at how nice everything still is. Just because Ford doesn't, and you see rust, doesn't mean the vehicle is any less functional, and if you don't like it, get your car undercoated, or just deal with it. I don't think Ford did a "bad job" I think they didn't see it as necessary considering a lot of dealerships do this and sell it at the point of sale anyway, that way it comes directly out of the pocket of the purchaser. It's more of a money saver for Ford, but in the end is a moot point. My 2010 isn't going to drive any slower or handle any worse with rust on exposed steel.
  18. I think he is gone? I can see him being upset because he did pay alot for the car, but the 07 thur 09s had the same rust problem, we just painted my friends and he forgot about it, Anything new will have some problems he should take it to the dealer and let them deal with it and if he is not happy he has other opitions. Alot of guys buy the GT500 because they want a show [perfect car]car. they still need to be cleaned and some areas addressed, it is a production line car!!
  19. Steve, I know you're upset and it sucks, but like the others said, this is a fact of life. Keep in mind that this isn't a car that was put up on a rotisserie and over-restored from the ground up, but a production vehicle.

    My wife brought up a very true point while we were on our evening walk last night. We were talking about homes, and she said to me, "A $1,000,000 home isn't built any differently than a $100,000 home." We were just talking about it because of the new construction going on in the neighborhood.

    Lots of truth to her statement, Bro.
  20. Perhaps this vehicle in question has been exposed to road salts or such causing this premature rust. :shrug:
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