understanding and dialing in accel enrichment

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Mod Dude
Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
I prefer to use the time based AE and disable the TPS WOT% based AE I find the time based can be tuned to give a good response in a large range of conditions.

TPSdot will be used for aggressive throttle movements as well as small quick movements of the pedal. MAPdot is useful for load changes, like an automatic shifting. Your foot will not move on the pedal, but AE is needed as the load changes. I typically blend 50% between the two if its an auto and a stick will have varying needs depending on the cam cid ect.

Both of the time based AE need to be tuned during a live driving event after the main fuel table is close, you can of course use a datalog to see how well the AE response is doing. TPS based AE can be roughed without leaving the driveway, just find the various TPSdot% between tip in and aggressive shift.

Let me know if this helps a bit, here are some settings that I find to be "universal" for most builds.

Base AE settings to get started.PNG

The stuff at the bottom, the MAP and TPS values at the top will need to be tuned.


Jul 30, 2019
thanks steve i input your setting for time based tps and turned off TPS WOT% so far so good. Also i wanted some input on my closed loop idle activation on start up im getting some oscillation. The car starts and goes from around 2300 rpm slowly down to 900ish beautifully, then closed loop activates and it spikes up to 1500 and down 2x times before settling. is there anyway to eliminate that. Also idk if its the same thing causing my idle dip when going from high load and clutching in to a stop the idle drops below target and recovers, the car almost stalls. this isnt everytime but more often when letting it decel longer before clutching in. Any input in the right direction would be great.
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