Unequal length Headers?? Which ones to buy..

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. I need help with which brand of hearders to buy here..1990 5.0 lx with offroad h-pipe and 40 series flows for exhaust info..
    i would like one that is most rated for LOW end torque/hp....
    any suggestions? also i want a good one that will bolt RIGHT on and not give me trouble
  2. BBK's if they make them in 1.5", which I believe they do. Get them ceramic coated too. I would say the FMS headers, but they only come in 1 5/8.
  3. hmm i see i see...now what is the major diff. there between those numbers? im not sure...
  4. Well... how soon are you planning to upgrade heads? Because like TMOSS said in the other thread, Shorties with 1 1/2" "primaries" will be better for a stock engine and 1 5/8" will be better for a car with aftermarket heads or a poweradder. The 1 1/2" headers will help you keep the low end you desire.
  5. bbk doesnt make 1 1/2 dude..i just looked....know anyone taht does and that are a good header with a good fit??
    how much better are thse over stock? just wondering..like are they bigger? designted diff?
  6. Mac makes a 1.5". But I don't like the seperate header tubes, I like the one piece flange. It makes them easier to install. JBA also makes a 1.5" but they are expensive.
  7. jba's huh...how much are they??
    but they are def. a good header and i sholud have no problem with em huh
  8. you might have to roll the engine each side. if you want tourque go for the long tube's like what i have they OWN shortie's but either way you have to raise the block. all my stuff cost me about 1k you prob dont want to drop that kinda money but jba makes awesome shorties and a one peice flange is awesome as well. dont use the header gaskets from bbk (if u get em) that paper crap isnt worth anything blew em racing a monte carlo "ss" put in fel-pro never a problem since :)

    GOOD LUCK!!!