Unisteer Rack & Pinion

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  1. Met the plant manager in the booth at a Good guys car show

    Saw the product, it looks pretty robust. Unfortunately he wasn't able to discuss bumpsteer issues, or turning radius.
    Quality wise, the unit I saw (display unit) was nicely manufactured. Quality welds, and quality parts.

    They have a website either under Maval or Unisteer. Sorry I don't remember which one for sure.
  2. Looks like a few others discussed here over the years. Bump-steer can be a critical issue, I had if with my conversion. Finally cured it with the BAER-Tracker outer rod ends. Check the installed position carefully in relation to the original centerlink, and the angle of the tie-rod ends in relation to the lower control arm. If they are not parallel, it may be mayhem over deep bumps & undulations in the road. Also, is the pivot point og the inner tie rod end in the same location as the original steering? A ways back I was part of a great thread on Bump-Steer, I reccomend you find it before buying this rack.
  3. Well, judging from the description, they took bumpsteer at least into consideration, unlike Flaming River....

    "Update your classic Mustang's steering this rack "& pinion kit. This is a manual rack & pinion that is custom made to match the stock steering geometry of the Mustang. This manual unit comes in a ratio that greatly improves handling, steering effort, and road feel. No bump steer! This is a bolt-on kit, no drilling or welding required. The kit comes complete with the custom made rack & pinion, mounting bracket, outer tie-rods, shaft kit, column bracket & bushings. That's everything that you need to install this kit with the stock steering column."

    In case of a power steering rack with the tie rods attaching at the ends (like Flaming River), you need to find room for both travel for both the rack and the power steering piston. On 65-66 Mustangs, the distance between the tie rods is ~18.5" and on the later cars it's even less, so fitting everything in between with some decent travel is difficult if not impossible. However, since this is a manual rack, it's easier to make it short enough to match the original steering geometry without going to a center take off design (like Randal's and TCP).
  4. Took the Plunge

    Well I took the Plunge, and purchase this rack. I got it for a DAM good price as well. I will give it a full write up once I get it, and ease or unease of install. here's hoping its option 1 !

    I spoke with there guys today, and he was very helpful and straight foward. It sounds like its a TCP style setup. He told me that they are working on a power option, but nonthing as yet.
  5. $$$?

    Mind sharing what a "dam good price" is? I have been thinking about trying this out for a little while since I need to "tighten up" my front end over the next few months. Did you buy direct from the manufacturer?

  6. I got it for 575$ from Summit. Part n0# UIS-800087001

    Trust me it was burried there, and I had to call the manufactor and the Summit line to make sure this was the right thing. Jegs has it for 875$ btw.

    I am also going to get a pair of roller spring perches from Opentracker. That should take care of the front end.
  7. No the TCP is perpetuated by a centerlink attached to the center point on the rack. This unit is perpetuated on the ends like the FR version which has major bump steer problems. Yes they do integrate the Baier Tracker which could help.

    We're all interested in the outcome of your install so make sure to keep us tuned in!
  8. For $575 I'm on board. I ordered one from summit tonight but they say that it wont be shipped until next friday at the soonest. I was in the process of pricing out all new steering components (everything from out tie rod ends to the box) and the total was going to be higher than this.

    - I'm pretty sure summit has the wrong price in there since everyone else is $300 higher. I figured there is no reason to wait around for it to catch up.


  9. The flaming river rack is much too wide, with tie rods that seem to be only half the lenght of stock ones (from pivot point to pivot point). Judging from the picture and comparing it with the crossmember width, it looks like this rack is much smaller. The BAER Tracker kit doesn't seem to be included.
  10. I just got in on that action too and placed an order with Summit. $575 is a smokin' good deal (agree that they may have the wrong price on it, but I'll take it). I'll report back as well and let everyone know how it goes.

    - Andy
  11. Unisteer

    Saw the Unisteer guys at the Hot Rod Nationals in Louisville this year. Wanted to get the setup but the sales guy said it would not work with my Tri-Y headers. Had to spend 2x Unisteer's asking price for the TCP manual rack. Really like it though, the car is really fun to drive now. No more side to side action going down the street.
  12. Header's

    Yes I ask about that as well. He told me straight on the the Tri Y's would not work. I run Headmans up n over mids, and took the Engine out and put it back in with the headers on. I do not think I will have a issue. Also I have relocated my z bar setup when I put the newer 351 block in.

    Worst comes to worst, I may have to do a header fab, but I do not think it will come to this. When I priced everything for a rebuild of the front, the price actually came out higher as well. The rack should be here by the end of oct, so until then I will work on the back end, as I have those parts here locally now.

    Project "make her straight" has begun !

    EDIT: MDjay, I spoke with the tech guy as well about bump steer. I broght up the FR system. He told me that this rack was design to fit in the pivot points, and that it was not setup like FR's. I should not have any Bump Steer issues, and if I do, I can return it. He was that confident about it.
  13. anyone know when they might be coming out with a 1968 version?
  14. Well F me in the A - I just put on a set of brand new ceramic coated tri-ys.
    Stangninjak -did they tell you what the problem w/ the headers was. I am opposed to removing them but not so much opposed to going to work w/ a ball pien hammer if its minor clearance issues.

    I guess I can see if it will work for me and, if not, return it. That would be really dissapointing. I have $1k into my exhaust this summer and I'm not gonna touch that.

    SHIFTY - http://unisteer.com/product.php?productid=16261&cat=250&page=1

  15. Unisteer and Tri-Y's

    Had a long discussion with the sales guy about this. The connection on the Unisteer unit is right next to the oil pan. You could possibly make this work with adding some extra joints but I did not want to take a chance on it. The TCP rack's mounting point is right next to the frame rail, it is engineered to be in the same mounting position as the original steering system. I ran one connection bar with two joints directly from my steering column. The TCP is as direct a bolt in as you can get. Would have loved to save the money with the Unisteer unit but did not want to cobble something together on a car I have a ton of money in already!

    Hope this helps, MikeR

  16. The '68 version came out first. P/n is UIS-800088001, but summit listed it as a 65 chrome version. the chrome 65 p/n is UIS-800087002. These are unisteer part numbers not summit.
  17. wow they really dont want people to buy these huh?
  18. subscribing :SNSign:
  19. I bought one Friday morning after reading this thread.
    Been interested in the Maval/Unisteer since before they went into production.
    Such a great deal, I passed it along to MustangSteve's forum & the VMF.
    And I did give Stangnet credit for finding it.