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  1. Was just on the Summit website and yes the price was still $ 575. I am tempted. Long ago I inquired and have been watching with some interest. I have a 67 Cougar with I believe to be the arly style column which according to this:

    "We found out that there was a split in production with a change in '67 so we have two different steering kits. One steering kit for '65-'66 and one kit for '68-'70, the '67 will need one of those two.
    Both kits are basically set and going into production. The '65-'66 will be ready to ship in a couple of weeks and the '68-'70 will be ready to ship in 6 weeks, e.t.a. Each kit is going to cost $875. it will include everything that you need to do a complete change over, provided you have the stock column.
    Each kit will have: the manual rack & pinion, mounting bracket, outer tie rods, U-joints, shafting, and column bushing, bracket, and gasket, as well as all mounting hardware. Everything to do the conversion."

    Means I need the 65-66 kit. I have an extra 68 column in the garage but it has a different wiring harness. Ahh the wonders of model changes. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't want to spend $575 on the wrong part. I guess I could always return/exchange if I need the right one. Any suggestions are welcome.



  2. I called Summit and was told that they get their part numbers direct from Unisteer, so if 800088001 is a *67-70 kit on the Unisteer website it is the same at Summit. The salesman told me that the description on the Summit site is just wrong.
  3. Well,

    I splurged last night and bought the Unisteer kit for my 67 Cougar restomod. I have an extra column in my garage so it my be modified so that if it doesn't work out I can always go back to my stock power steering, which was working just fine for the record.

  4. Summit just delayed their ship date for my Unisteer from 10/27 to 11/3 for the UIS-800087001. They may be starting to wonder about the sudden surge in sales activity...
  5. Heh yeah :) @ Turtle. Yes I see you purchase. That would have been my descision on that. You have a extra column, so it should not be difficult. I am awaiting my kit, and in the meantime I am working on the back end. I am trying to find a thrid member posi, or better yet, a 52inch Axle with a posi thrid member in it. I so want my back rims to tuck under. The other option is buy all new rims, which I have considered. I would not mind going to 16x8's all the way around.
  6. I've talked with the Unisteer tech guys, any problems on fitment will be taken care of, call them w/any problems.
    Tip, during mock up of steering collum connection & universals, use wooden dowl, insted of the steel.
  7. The 67 and up steering linkages have the inner tie rod attachment points closer together. They claim they designed their rack so that the original geometry is maintained. If that is so, a 67 Mustang that came with the old style long shaft steering box should use a 68 and up rack in combination with a 65-66 steering shaft and associated parts.

    However, they probably just use the same rack in both kits. I think I would use the (collapsable) 68 collumn and order the 68 and up kit. The wiring issue can probably resolved with not too much effort?
  8. I did buy the *67-70 kit, my thinking was to use my extra 68 column. I checked and the wiring should work.


  9. Has anyone actually installed one of these yet?
  10. Tempted to order one for my '65. I don't think I will go to all of the trouble of the MII front end for it.
  11. Not sure, but the one I ordered ships today. So I will have pics and a write up of my install soon.
  12. Summit delayed the delivery on mine (again) until 11/4. Who did you have to bribe?

  13. Heh not sure :shrug: But I jumped on the order before the spike hit :D
  14. Does anyone know if this will work with an IDIDIT tilt column? I'd hate to have to give up my tilt steering, but I would really like R&P.

  15. What gives you the impression this is for a MII front end?? Actually this is a R&P for a stock 64-70 type front end(depending on which year model you get)
    Thats why those of us who are interested in it, are.:D

    I figure it will work with an Ididit column, but why not call Unisteer Tech & find out?? Good guys to talk with.
  16. Rack & Pinon, Unisteer

    Any news on the Rack kit?

    I called Summit today, & they have units coming in about 11/13...
  17. Mine shipped from Summit (finally) today
  18. This thread has definately peaked my interest.

    This might be a dumb question, but for those of you who have made contact with Unisteer, did they say it won't work with any long tube header or just specifically the tri-y design?
  19. Pay attention here...I've already done the MII to my 66 'vert. I haven't decided what to do w/ the 65 2+2 that is sitting in the basement. THAT is why I made the comment; already done the MII once, and just not sure which direction. I kind of like the idea of something more simple like Opentracker arms, shelby drop, r&p, etc.
  20. I emailed Unisteer about the kit and fitment with my Hooker long tubes and my lowered suspension.

    This is the reply I got:

    We did our mock up with Hooker Comps. It worked fine. The lower suspension should not make a difference.

    THANKS STEVE GORSKI 1-800-338-9080 EXT 34