Unisteer Rack & Pinion

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  1. Subscribing, very interested in how this turns out.
  2. Mine arrived this afternoon. I broke open the box and took a look -- the rack assembly appears to be of good workmanship, the parts were all present and accounted-for, the installation instructions appear to be comprehensive, and it was well-packaged. All good omens, I'm sure...
  3. so far so good.... now just put the thing on and tell us all how it is.....so I can place an order -before Summit changes the price!!
  4. It seems odd to me that supercomps work with this rack but Tri-Y's don't. I placed my order before this fitment issue was mentioned. Mine shipped yesterday and is to arrive monday. I hope to have time to try and fit it next weekend or the one following. If it doesn't work for me I will either return it or offer it up to any local member for what it cost me.

  6. Have any of you guys made any progress with installing the UniSteer racks?
  7. I'm not going to get to it for a few weeks, but I'll post pics and a writeup when I do. - Andy
  8. My kit has shiped and I should get it this friday, or maybe saturday. If so, I will have my car up on the rack next week for the install. Th digital cam is at the ready :) I am also doing the roller springs from Open tracker when I do the rack. Hoping this solves my front end issues :nice:
  9. I hope it goes well. I also made the purchase and I'm waiting on mine to ship.
  10. Hi all;

    Called Summit 11/02, and they had 9 rack kits coming in, mid November.

    However, the sales rep informed me that they had an additional 20 on backorder, and an order placed same day would probably ship beginning of January, 2007.

    I placed my order same day!

    Looking forward seeing info on quality on product & ease of installation. :nice:
  11. My kit arrived last night. Heh woke up from a nap, and the Box was sitting inside my screen door....yeah UPS. Well took a look, and the kit looks solid. They had a nice instruction write up as well, complete with pics on how it looks installed.

    Yeah yea, this thread is useless without pics, So I will add some when I get home today showing how it looks. I am waiting on my roller spring perches to arive,then I will begin the install.
  12. My kit arrived Friday afternoon at 3:30. By 5:30 I had all the old steering out and the new rack bolted in place. It looks good and the directions are great. The steering column is getting modified this morning. Only problem so far is the rack hits the oil pan every so slightly. Not sure if I should dent the pan a little or shim down the rack, either should get the job done. I have shorty headers and as of right now it looks to fit easily, but I will know more by later today. So far I am very pleased with the unit, and really pleased with the price.

  13. What modifications have to be done to the steering column?
  14. The column housing has to be cut a little bit as well as the shaft that goes inside the column. I also looked at my clearance issue with the oil pan and I am going to have to drop the unit with spacers about a 1/4" in order to clear the u-joint and the pan. Keep in mind this is not the stock pan, the motor is a efi and I am not sure what pan is on it. I am curious to hear if any one else has this problem.
  15. Any chance of a group buy on this, since so many people are waiting on the feedback?
  16. Got Another question will stock disc brakes work with this?
  17. Any pictures yet???!!!

    I gave up and called Unisteer today.

    Here are my questions that I asked of Unisteer sales/support for the 65/66 rack and their response:

    Q: What is the travel? (How will it affect turning radius?)
    A: 6" (this is about 1" too short from what I recall)

    Q: What is the ratio or number of turns lock to lock?
    A: 3.5

    Q: How much closer to the oil pan is this rack verses the stock cross member?
    A: Could not answer. Much fumbling around for pictures then tried to tell me about a big block oil pan clearance. Not much help here.

    Q: Did you mock up the system with Hooker Comps (what I have)?
    A: We mocked it up with the Hooker Comps, but not the Super Comps.

    Q: My car has Granada spindles. How do you address the different spindles?
    A: When you order the rack from us, tell the sales person that you have the Granda spindles. We have 3 different ends for the rack. One of them is for the Granada.

    They would not honor Summit's pricing, so I told him thanks for the information and hung up the phone. I figure worst case, order the one from Summit, and order the adapter bushings from Mustang Steve.

    Of those who have ordered the rack and have it, please let me know if the information above is correct. Please provide photos...

  18. Yes they will fit stock disc brakes. I've checked with Steve Gorski, Unisteer.

    #800087001 is shipped with two(!) pairs of outer tie rods (according to Steve Gorski 1-800-338-9080 Ext 34, Unisteer). I assume that goes for the 67-70 rack kits also.

    One pair of tie rods for 65-69 spindles, and one pair for the 1970-73 spindles that has a bigger tie rod.

    Called Summit, and a truck i being unloaded right now with new rack kits. Mine to be shipped at end of this week, according to sales rep. :nice:

  19. Any luck yet?... the suspense is killing me!! :lol:
  20. Why would you need the Mustang Steve Bushings? If they have the correct spindles for the Granada they should bolt right on.