Unisteer Rack & Pinion

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  1. John,
    Thanks for the tip, I will go out and give that a try. I will also send some pics soon.
  2. I am trying to upload some pics, but it says my files are too large. I have the image size on my camera set to lowest quality and size and still they are too big. How can I get around this? Thanks
  3. Use Photobucket or some other free photo hosting site to download your pictures to and use them as the host.
  4. There's sure a lot of angle in those u-joints. Is there any bind in the system?

    Also, I bet that support bearing won't live long sitting up against the header like that.
  5. I see that you had the oil pan "reworked" to allow for the u-joint to fit at the rack.
  6. Are there just 2 u-joints? If so, there shouldn't be a need for that heim support. I think I'd want a jamb nut on that heim to keep it oriented the right direction. I agree that the angle seems quite severe. It really looks like a front steer rack based on that head angle, I know it's not as it wouldn't steer correctly.
  7. The angle on the joint at the rack is appx 35 degrees, but I change that angle for the better if I can angle the shaft to the rack from the column sooner, but with the header problem I cant. So, I have cut up the new hooker headers since the # 6 cylinder tube was in the way of the shaft. This will give me room for the clutch cable and the shaft and I can get a better angle on the joint. The photo is with the shorty headers installed, and as you can see, the collector is in the way to get the correct angle. And by the way, hooker comps will not fit without dealing with the #6 cylinder tube.
  8. Got mine in the mail yesterday. After reading the directions, this kit seems more and more of a hack. I guess thats why its like half the cost of the tcp rack. I was planning to get hooker comps, but now might get them uncoated to start in case i have to modify them. Overall it looks good in the box, but im concerned about still having a bumpsteer issue, as i currently do with the stock system. I bought this on impusle, but now im trying to figure why this system wouldnt be any different than a flaming river kit, which obviously, a lot of people have had issues with, although i am unsure of those said issues. I know summit gives 90 days to return something, so maybe ill wait to see what happens.
    The carrier support does seem unnecessary on the steering shaft, but who knows.

  9. there shouldn't be anywhere near as much of an issue with the unisteer rack as there is with a FR rack. the reason being that the unisteer rack is narrower than the FR rack which puts the pivot points further inboard closer to the LCA pivots. that was the whole bumpsteer issue with the FR rack, the pivot point of the tie rods was outboard past the LCA pivot by quite a long way resulting in massive bumpsteer issues.
  10. Did you check that steer stop clearance at full suspension extension, or at actual ride height?
    Any chance you can measure the actual rack travel?


  11. My rack showed up last night, and to answer your question on travel of the rack: 6 inches.

    At ride height on my car, the measured travel (steering wheel lock to steering wheel lock) of the center link with the Flaming river box with Granada spindles is 5-15/16". Looks like the rack should be able to provide enough travel for 65-66's equipped with Granada spindles. I would doubt that stock spindles are that short.

    According to TCP, the stock travel is 6-3/8" I have heard that it was as much as 7". I suggest that you measure the travel required on your car before making any decisions.

    Overall first impressions with the rack is that the quality of the parts is first rate. The mounting plate is a well done flame cut 1/4" plate that has been powder coated. The universal joints are stainless steel and are much larger than I expected. The instructions need some work, and the packaging leaves some to be desired, but everything arrived un-damaged.

    Finally have the answer to one of my original questions: Yes, it does come with 2 sets of tie rod ends. The 65-66 set comes with 6 cylinder and V8 spindles. The 67-70 set comes with 67-69 tie rod ends and a set of 70's. The 65-66 set does not come with the shaft support (Heim Joint and bracket) and does not include the double u-joint. The photos in the parts list also show that there is a difference in the mounting brackets between the 65-66 kits and the 67-70 kit. It looks like the rack is shifted to the passenger side about 1 inch.

    By the way, I called Unisteer to order the correct tie rod ends for the Granada spindles, and they shipped them to me free of charge even though I purchased the rack from Summit. That is customer service...

    With the impending weather, I doubt that I will make much progress on the install over the next couple of days.

    Here is a photo of the driver side section and the overall package

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  12. With the double u-joint at the top, you will need to support the steering shaft. Otherwise it would flop around like a rope.

    Here are a couple of more pictures...


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  13. Great reply

    thanks for checking that. Yes TCP and Randall's are both 6-3/8" throw. Stock is close to 7" (which is why we see a reduction in turning radius). Good point on the Granada spindles though. Shorter arms need less travel. That will end up being a sweet setup in your car.
    Good luck on the install. Get yourself one of those LP powered flame throwing heated blowers! You could be out in a snow storm looking all tropical with one of those puppies:D
  14. Great Info.

    I'll follow your progress on the install, and I'm looking forward towards more of your great info & tech recommendations! :nice:
  15. Well, after tons of frustration, I have decided to ditch the unisteer. I have consulted
    with a few people, and they all agree that the angles on the joints are too great. I cannot get rid of the binding. So this morning I bought a Total control rack and pinion and already have it installed. It is far and away a better system, the angles are minimal and it uses the factory tie rods, so I will have no issues with bumpsteer and such. It went in easily and I will hopefully have it on the road again soon. I now have no loss of turning radius either with the TCP. It did hurt the wallet a lot more, but it was worth it.
  16. Wow, tough break but sounds like you have a nice setup. I will be contemplating a rack conversion in the Spring, so have been following this thread, although I am interested in power rack. Did the TCP rack work with the Hooker Comp headers or require modification?
  17. Well I ordered the 67-70 kit but after seeing some of the replies about fitment,
    I just couldn't bring myself to put it on the Mach.
    Cense it has a completly new frontend and steering.

    So it is going on the 68 Cougar that has 35k miles on it and the pump started leaking anyway.

    So on a sunday afternoon being bored I started to work,
    The rack fits onto the frame with about 3/8 clearence by the oil pan of the 289/C4
    and does tuck up much farther than the stock set up with the flowtech longtube headers with the drop bracket.

    The h-joint that mounts where the box was bolted is where the fun begins,
    Now the connecting shaft does go thru the 2-4 header tube but has very little clearence. So if you were to mount all of this up without the eng or exhaust in place you may be kicking yourself later.

    it will fit but it takes a few times of on and off to get the h joint at the right location to keep it from rubbing the header tubes.
    But because you have to trim this shaft to fit it has to be done or you may have to rework your headers.

    next set is removing the colume and cutting it for the new double u joint.
    so I know many more test fittings are ahead.

    I have some pics posted to photobucket, (new to this so bear with me)
    of the install so far. more to come.


    hope this works.

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