Unreal, Like The Dealership (major Duw!!!)

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  1. has not been outside since 1987

  2. :jaw:

    I am beyond words......
  3. I almost crashed the work truck when I saw it, Thank god I keep a digi in the truck.

    I have the full size pics and a pic of the door tags I can email if sombody wants them they are 1600x1200

    if you want these save 'em, not sure how long the BW will hold out on these pics
  4. WOW:jaw: Looks like Grandma didn't even drive it!

    That's unbelieveable! Does it still have the new car smell??:D

    What's with the JC Whitney looking hood ordament? Tell me that ain't stock...

    And the mirrors.. Could be JC Whit-ney!?! They can't be stock either..They look like the cheap-o plastic replacements I've seen on a couple other cars in the past.
  5. Simply amazing. That is a gem.
  6. Eos will be Jealous...:D
  7. Thats one nice II :nice:
  8. Looks clean, no doubt about it. And it might be the only II I've ever seen that the glove box door actually closes properly!

    Never paid much attention to the 80mph speedometer gauge units in general, but always thought the kmp/h designations were only on post '76 cars? I'm guessing this car is a '75 or '76 by the chrome dash accents and seat belt set up. Interestingly though too, it has the (later) black parking brake lever w/unmatching woodgrain handle.

    Dano, I agree about the hood ornament being non stock....seems I've seen that ornament advertised somewhere once before, probably JC. The mirrors look very close to (if not) stock...but I'm certain too that they were never factory chrome plated as such. Too bad the pics don't show if the pass mirror actually has remote control either. Looks like dealer tried to dress up this otherwise no frills bare bones pony.
  9. Mike, it's an early 77 model car.

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  10. Certainly an unusual II.

    My take: Kmart special mirrors, JC hood ornament , replacement fuel cap.

    Here's where it gets odd....early woodgrain park brake lever, but the pecan grain dash panels and the late'77-78 gauges. The seatbelt boots are also oddly black...mine are white. Another anamoly to me is the placement of the fuel usage decal. I have never seen one there, they are typically found under the fuel cap. The placement on the crown of the quarter surely would not be recommended, due to the high wear on such bends. I thought that they were applied at the assembly plant..perhaps they were shipped with the car for dealer installation? And a heated backglass in Arizona? On a seventies car? Snowbird car, maybe?

    Gonna tell us what they're asking?...it's OK, I'm sitting down.

    Sure is clean...it's been a VERY long time since I saw an original that looked like that...
  11. there were no remotes on the mirrors.

    the things that bogged me were the sunroof's interior trim (chrome)

    best pic I could get

    I did not ask price, I really do not wanna know, I have a fist full of extra cash right now and do not wanna spend it
  12. BTW the dash was SOFT and had NO cracks
  13. This car was built the same month as my car in 1977 but looks a LOT newer that's for sure.

    My car also has black seatbelts with white interior.
  14. That running horse emblem has been around for a long time. Seen it on 66's. I have seen two other cars before with the unleaded only decal up there. I thought it was strange then. One of them was a 75 I owned. I remember someone mentioning the sunroof chrome. Did anybody not notice it was an aftermarket sunroof. I may be wrong but I have never seen one that wasn't a manual roll back sun roof. That interior cover was definately different on the sunroof.
  15. Aww it's DevIIL's long lost cousin. :D That car is so beautiful! What kind of engine? How many miles? And how much are they asking?