unusual Barn find 1967 coupe

Sep 20, 2015
I am attempting to buy an unusual 1967 coupe from an estate. The car is a 1967 "A" code coupe. It has Deluxe Sport Sprint interior including both upper and floor consoles, factory AC, power steering, C4 automatic, rocker panel trim, fender opening trim, rear panel trim and trim bars at bottom of C pillar like for vinyl top, but it does not appear to have ever had a vinyl top. It includes all of the California required smog equipment. It also includes the wire wheel hubcaps in good condition in the trunk. Car has almost no rust anywhere and has not been registered since 1983 in California. I have never seen one equipped like this. The car appears to be in as delivered factory state. I believe the deceased owner was the original owner. Odometer shows 85000 miles and it looks like that it has not rolled over. I intend to order the elite Marti report, but not until I am able to buy it. Has anyone on this forum any knowledge of the rarity of this car or if others so equipped exist? Thanks
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