Unwanted attention...

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  1. ...well, on the way home from Super K, I was run up on by an Audi TT. I did'nt know what it was at first; I just heard "grrr-pssssh, grrr-pssssh, grrr-psssssh". Then I looked to my right and saw a red TT 'vert with a black top lunging forward, trying to cut me off. This guy was just lashing the hell out of that poor car!
    So, another 2.3 'stang, a red notch was ahead of me, and were all stopped at a light now. The TT had everyones attention, and the driver pointed his finger straight ahead. Then the notch did a one tire squeal(it wasn't a burnout), and I thought for a sec, What if thats a turbo car? Well the notch didn't want any play so when the light turned green the TT just shot off- grrr-pssssh!
    I guess now that the 'stang has a loud throaty exhaust, she's gonna make everyone mad...

    ...that Audi TT was pretty bad, but the driver really had an inferiority complex goin' or something! Behave!
  2. yeah a local kid got one for graduation...an inferiority complex that is and a TT.

    I took care of that for him on a street tire and increased the good ole ego a little too. :)

  3. I'm glad... I'm sure that kid had the same attitude as this guy... I'm a boulevard god!

    Yeah, right! I'm sure to see this guy again, I just hope I'm one car back from the line when he gets his doors blown off!

    And by the way what was that, "pssssssh!" sound that happened every time he slammed her into gear, a turbo? It sounded like compressed air going off, I've never heard a car make a noise like that before.
  4. aka: Blow Off Valve
  5. So that is the sound there is so much talk about on this forum! It is quite impressive, definitely grabs your attention!
  6. the BOV releases the wasted air so it dosent get sucked in to the turbo and make **** go kaboom
  7. I have one on my turbocoupe and the blow off valve is so loud the kids in my school say they can hear it walking to their cars as im leaving. :D

  8. Iam still wandering about that....

    I thought a wastgate did the dame thing as a BOV iam still unsure about that.

    and what is a gills valve Iam still unsure about that also.