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  1. Accurate 2005 Mustang info as of 9/17/2004

    Roush unveiled their hideous 2005 Mustang on September 1, here:

    Here is some up-to-date information on the 05 Stangs. This may prevent some from posting BS...

    The 2005 Mustang has gone into production, although there are reports of faulty 3v cylinder heads in the 4.6 and 5.7 motors which may delay delivery of the Mustang GT by two weeks. The problem has been apparently caught at the factory and is being addressed. This is from Blue Oval News, not an official Ford site, and Ford has yet to confirm or deny this report to the best of my knowledge. A Ford assembly line employee informs us that he has heard nothing of this and that it is just another Bull Oval News scam. I'll leave it here until we get something solid.

    1) Check these sites for information before posting stuff:
    First and foremost, check the site you are on! Here: http://www.s197mustang.com
    Ford's Ordering Guide: http://bradbarnett.net/mustangs/timeline/05/05/2005_MUSTANG_ORDER_GUIDE.pdf
    and, believe it or not, www.ford.com
    www.google.com Oddly enough, when you search for 2005 Mustang, you get results relating to the 2005 mustang.

    2) Prices are out and they can be found here: http://forums.bradbarnett.net/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=93014

    3) The V6/GT will not have IRS. The Cobra, SVT, will. Feel free to put your own in though, should you feel so.

    4) The Cobra, which may not be called a Cobra, so we'll say SVT, will be out in mid-late 2006 as a 2007 Model Year.

    5) Aside from the production date, or anticipated month/year to be precise, there is NO information from Ford about the Cobra, i.e. SVT. No idea what engine, what options or the price range. Common sense would dictate the SVT will inflate like the GT's, possibly a range of 3-7% higher.

    6) No, the GT-R is not going to be a production car. Sorry.

    7) No, the GT will not be sold under $20,000... unless it's a 2001.

    8) Yes, expect the bare minimal V6 to come under $20k. No guarantess though.

    9) Yes, there will be a convertible. In the first half of 2005. Production is scheduled to start in February 2005.

    10) 18" wheel option will be available about the time the convertible comes out.

    11) After market tuners such as Roush have begun to unveil their Mustangs. Saleen has yet to unveil theirs. They will at the SEMA show in November.

    12) Ford has STILL given no mention to Special Editions or what a special edition may entail. Zippo. Given the history of the stang, using common sense, figure there will be a special edition stang in 2007 or 2008. Probably '07.

    13) The hood strips and Roof strips will be a dealer installed option. Yes, they are vinyle, not painted.. The side strips will be as part of the Sport package for the V6.

    14) There is no 6-speed. Expect one in the SVT.

    15) Regarding the audio system, the Mach name has been changed to Shaker. It is now a Shaker 500, or Shaker 1000. One has 500 watts of power, the other 1000. I don't know which is which though.

    16) There will be a Shelby Mustang in the future, but Ford has not released any additional information. Wanna know? Call Carol Shelby. Let us know what he says.

    17) Expect to see Stangs on the lots September 27 or so. Yes, of 2004. They are not out yet. There are rumors of an early arrival. It's bull. Use common sense. In fact, there are reports of a delay due to faulty 3V cylinder heads.

    18) Want a photochop? See rule #1.

    19) We think you should buy the GT-R! Seriously, we don't know what you should buy! Don't ask. Simply buy as much Mustang as you want or can afford. If it was up to me, I'd buy 12 of them... with your money, of course. If you have questions about specific options that will help determine which you should buy, fine; search this forum for an existing thread before asking.

    20) If you want to see the colors, or in some case, a general representation of them, go here: http://bradbarnett.net/mustangs/timeline/05/05/index.htm

    21) Onboard Computer is Onboard. It will tell you MPG, Temp, Offer Trip A and B odometers, etc... just general info. It is a part of a package and specifically called Message Center.

    22) There is no Navigation GPS from Ford for the Mustang, but some speculate it will be an option on the SVT. I doubt it simply because there is no aesthetically pleasing place for the screen.

    23) Yes the mufflers can be seen at the very back. This is for safety as the gas tank has been moved. Not because they are trying to compete with Honda. I expect aftermarket manufacturers to come out with a rear facia that will hide them better. Or, some people made mention of spray painting the mufflers flat balck.

    24) There are no rebates for the general public. There are $1000 rebates for Military and College Grads Available. However, most people are reporting deals of $500 over invoice.

    25) There will be no sunroof option for Model Year 2005.

    26) There are no radio controls on or behind the steering wheel. It will not be an option. However, the deck they are using has a "Control In" port on it. Aftermarket steering wheels may then integrate this feature.

    27) Yes, the Stang will be a throttle by wire system. No more cable.

    28) The Mustang will not be a limited production. Yes, people actually asked that. It will be Limited Availability until January 18th. Five units per dealer only, at a time. The dealer cannot get its next 5 units until the previous 5 units are not only sold, but off the lots.

    If you insist on making a post, here are examples of acceptable and unacceptable threads:

    Example of an acceptable thread:
    "Here are my new pics of the 2005" "Test Drive a 2005 in Central Florida"

    Examples of an unacceptable thread since it has been posted 500 times:
    "How much will the 2005 cost?" "When is the Cobra out?" "IRS?"

    Examples of an unacceptable thread based purely on stupidity:
    "Will they have a 4 cylinder?" "Will the GT be under $20,000?"

    Some of the most knowledgable people I have seen on here are 351CJ, HairyCanary, SVTJay, Slappyo, SVT Driver. When these folks post information/replies, it's accurate. You may diasagree with their opinions, but other than opinion based posts, they are accurate. I believe 'em; so should you.

    Thanks to MRaburn for helping me keep content current and providing some web site links. Thanks to SVT Driver for contributing.
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    Is the new Mustang GT really going to come in under $20K? :jester:
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  9. I knew about the FAQ, but most people, myslef included for the most part, say, "Screw the FAQ! I want to get into the meat and potatoes of this.. I wanna know about Stangs!" That's why I entitled the thread "Important Stang Info for Newbies." I would actually like to change the title to "Accurate Stang Info as of DATE" and update the date everyday, but since it was made a sticky thread I can't seem to do that.
  10. Where did you get the info that the shaker 500 and 1000 is taking over the mach name. Its just an audio option, there could still be a mach 1.
  11. I'm not referring to the "Mach" Model Special Editions.... I am strictly referring to the audio options. Mach 460 is now Shaker 500/1000. Of course, Ford could produce a Special Edition Stang and name it "Mach."
  12. Oh sorry about that, i miss understood, should of thought more about it before i replied. Again sorry for the misunderstanding. jeff
  13. No problem... that's what this sticky is for... but I should have made it clearer in the original post... I can see how it could be confusing. I edited the sticky, so thanks!
  14. We should also include

    23) Yes the mufflers can be seen at the very back. This is for safety. Not because they are trying to compete with Honda.
  15. Done! Thanks for contributing.
  16. I'm new to the site and have never had a Ford - yet! Previous cars are Trans ams, Camaros, Corvettes BUT now I've got the urge to own a 2005 Mustang V8 GT premium .. as soon as anyone can tell me about a Euro version, please post a notice and e mail me.
  17. after reading the rules I am afraid to ask questions
    but I want to know if there will be a sunroof available in the new Stang...(I haven't found that option in the order guide)
  18. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's just look at the first page at least. A lot of topics are covered repeatedly. And people tend to ignore the second posting somewhat.
    No there will not be a sunroof availble this year. There has not been a sunroof available in a mustang in many years. And it looks like Ford is continuing the tradition. But we do not know what will happen next year.
  19. Added #25, Sunroof information. Thanks to 05'StangLover and SVT Driver for bringing this up.