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  1. trying to get confirmation of limited production

    I have spoken to salesmen at two separate major Ford dealers in the Denver area about the 2005 Mustang GT.
    In conversation, both salesmen have advised me that these cars are going to be "limited production", and that their respective dealerships are being allocated only 5.
    I am trying to determine if this is B.S., or if it may be valid info.
    The car I had discussed ordering was the 05 Stang GT, premium package.
    I don't know if there may be some significance to the 'premium package' part.
    I would like to know if anyone has heard something similar.
  2. Everything I have read on a number of different Mustang sites say that there will be at least 150,000 units produced in the first year. I would hesitate to say that this is a limited production car.
    At the top of this thread there is this link:
    It is a suggestion to the dealers on the unit mix. So the dealer my have fewer "GT Premium" cars versus "V6 Coupe Deluxe" cars.
    It sounds to me like the dealers in your area are trying to get more money from the early buyers. Dont bite. Either negotiate or wait a month or two.
    Good luck on a great choice!!!
  3. You're close, but not correct. The 05 will not be limited production. It will be limited distribution until January 18th. Ford does this EVERY new car launch. They only allow the dealers to have a limited number at first, regardless of dealer size. Reason for this is as the line is just starting up, they simply don't have enough to fullfill demand. But, they need to expose the car to as many people, in as many regions as possible. The solution: limit 5 per dealer nationwide until they build inventory. And when I say inventory, I don't just mean complete cars. I mean parts also. The factory always needs to stay ahead of the dealerships, but in cases of new launches, that's impossible. How many preorders did Ford announce at that press conference? Something like 11,000?! This is the third Mustang I have preordered now and this has laways been the case. Hope this helps.
  4. quick question guys. I preordered back in may. I've seen some posts mentioning some people have received VIN #'s. Is this correct? My understanding was that they couldn't assign VINs until Job1 began? :shrug: Thanks for the help. :)
  5. quick question guys. I preordered back in may. I've seen some posts mentioning some people have received VIN #'s. Is this correct? My understanding was they couldn't assign VINs until Job1 began? Thanks for the help.
  6. My local dealer received a fax or email stating they could place 1 order for 1 car.They have the book with all the option codes,packages,etc. I got to pick out the first car.They have no idea what the car is going to cost me yet but here is what I ordered.
    Black exterior Gt with rear spoiler(it is optional)
    Dark Charcoal leather interior(I wanted black but not available)
    I had to chose between 2 different 17" wheels (until Jan.
    when 18's are available)
    I also opted for the alluminum interior trim package.
    Everything else was pretty much standard.The only thing I didn't get was with the Dark Charcoal interior you can get the Red seats and trim on the door panels.I didn't like the bright red seats and just got all Dark Charcoal.
    OH..I almost forgot..I got the 5 speed manual instead of the 5spd automatic. :D
  7. Some additional information. It appears that what Ford is doing is allocating 2 - 05 Stangs to the small dealers and 3 - 05 Stangs to larger dealers. The objective is to get ALL Ford dealers to have 1 or more 05 stangs on their lots (or showroom floors). Initially the dealers will NOT be able to get any more 05 Mustangs unless they sell one or more cars from their initial allocations. Again the objective is to have as many as possible (if not ALL) dealers have 05 Stangs on their lot. The system is set up to make sure that a handful of dealers don't end up with 30 - 05 stangs while hundreds of other dealers don't have any. The '05 Stang will generate showroom traffic which will help to sell other Ford models, another objective Ford has.

    Again the '05 Stang is a high volume mass production car. Ford will manufacture somewhere between 180,000 and 195,000 - 05 Stangs per year. Yes they will initially be in tight supply, but once the '05 Stang is in full production and all the early orders get filled, there will be enough of them to go around.
  8. Was bored at work today so I made this.
  9. Ya, it does help and thanks. Your info makes sense, I knew that I wasn't getting the whole story. I'm traditionally a used car buyer primarily because I don't like dealing with those sales-schmucks.
    Thanks again for your response.
  10. Hmmm.... I wonder what will happen to the counter after it reaches zero. Will it be like a Y2K thing and bring down the whole board? hahaha....
  11. After the counter reaches 0 it will show the time till midnight Sept 7th 2005. At that point the counter will be useless unless another anticipated date comes to light.
  12. I've searched and searched. Is the new mustang going to take the same bolt pattern/offset that the current one does? I totaled my '94 and I have a set of 17x9 Mach1 wheels and i need to decide whether or not to sell them.
  13. from what i have heard the offset will be different i wish it was the same i want to put my cobra r's on it :(
  14. I have heard the same thing. I would suggest waiting out the next 23 days till job one... we'll know for sure then. My understanding is that it is because of the bolt pattern that the 18" wheels wont be out until April. The factory that ford gets the rims from cannot produce enough of all the rims they need, so they will typically spend a year producing two years worth of the standard rims, then spend a year producing two years worth of the 18", back and forth... build inventory. My understanding is that they started cutting the standard rims in April of 2004.
  15. im glad they come with 17's now i did not want 18's i hate having to buy tires for my lightning they are just to expensive and hard to find a place to get it alligned other then ford
  16. I hear that!
  17. My shop is across the street from the plant that builds the new mustang, we see them daily, I have actually become friends with a few of the engineers that have been test driving them and have gotten some really close looks at the car, it will make an awesome race car! there are 30 bodys in white behind the plant now and I am hoping to get my hands on a few of them to build some race cars!
  18. That's great news. I wonder who is going to get their hands on those bodies in white.
  19. If I remember right all bodies in white are crushed as whole cars because there written off and not much can be removed from them.
  20. thats how they used to do it but not anymore actually there is a big market for them the 05s just won't start sellin until the 05s hit lots