Update: 03 Cobra 6th Gear Vibration

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Kyle-02GT, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Update on the problem I've been having with 6th gear....

    After going through all the TSB's for the Vibration the dealership has determined that it was something internal in the transmission that is causing the vibration.

    Tomarrow they crack into it to try and locate the problem...I hope they just put a whole new tranny in it as it only has 2000 miles on it and really don't want it rebuilt.

    Symtoms of the problem: 6th gear heavy vibration which disappears when you put the clutch in or put it back in 5th gear. Vibration changes intensity with speed.

    The car has had the problem since I bought it and they are just getting around to getting it in to fix it....
  2. Don't worry, they CAN'T rebuild it! Not that the T-56 isn't re-buildable... About all they can do is drop it and look at the clutch/flywheel/pressure plate/throw-out bearing. Ford does not perform any internal work on the T-56. They will replace the whole thing and send yours back to Mexico where it was made.... You can't even buy parts for this tranny from Ford!!!!

  3. you might want to run a search on this on svtperformance, but I vaguely remember reading that the '04's don't have this problem (at least mine doesn't). I also heard that the '04 has a different driveshaft...so that may be the source of the problem.
  4. He stated they already went through all the normal causes (D/S, rear end) and the dealer suspects it's internal to the tranny....

  5. Update: I got the car back with a new reindexed driveshaft, replaced halfshafts, a new UJoint on the drivetrain somewhere, they even broke into the rear end. After all this they finally determined the problem to be internal transmission...

    Now for the fun part. They can't get my car in for 2 weeks and they want to "break the car down to 6th gear to determine the problem, replace the faulty parts and rebuild the transmission". I'm I the only one that would have a problem with them breaking into my transmission and tinkering with it? :shrug:

    I told them I wanted a new transmission because it was a problem from the factory and it had the problem when I bought it. They seemed pretty uncaring about the problem saying that they are not authorized approve a new transmission.

    After getting off the phone with Ford SVT they say, "We understand your concern sir but we are not authorized to approve a new transmission for your vehicle. I then ask them for the number of a person that can authorize a new transmission at which time they say "Thats an internal ford number sir we are not allowed to give you that information"

    I called the dealership in Michigan but have yet to hear back from them....I really didn't want to have to get into the legal system but if I can't get any answers maybe a call from a lawyer will get their attention more then a call from a disappointed consumer who can't get his 30,000 dollar car fixed. :(
  6. This would be the FIRST time I've heard/read about a dealership opening up a T56 in an 03/04 Cobra. Very strange they want to do this.... I've seen T56's completely replaced for nothing more than a bad throw-out bearing!

    Don't know what to tell you... let them tear it apart I guess. You have a 3 year 36K drivetrain warranty so if it starts vibrating again keep taking it back.

  7. Well they've already had it twice if its not fixed when it comes in the next time its going back as a lemon....

  8. -Could this have something to do with Ford not using the T-56 currently? (I don't know). That might make sense though as maybe now they are trying to service them rather than purchase a new transmission direct if they don't have any sitting around anymore.
  9. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead but after countless calls to ford CService, Ford Exectutive branch, my Michigan dealer I bought it from and the dealer that is servicing the car. As well as the BBB. It looks like I finally get my car back over 3 weeks later. They couldn't find any problem in the transmission so insted of replacing the whole thing they decided to just replace any part in 6th gear or connected to it....

    They were waiting for 2 1/2 weeks for the 6th gear syncro to come in I guess.....total time owning the car 7 weeks...total downtime 25 days....total time with a completely working car...0 days...if they don't get it right this time they won't have time to get a transmission in to replace it before its going to be a lemon (30 days) and this was the third time in so if its not right they are going to eat it anyway....

    As for Ford CS, I've never been told that must be very frustrating sir but there isn't anything we can do if the part is on backorder you will just have to wait...while im paying my car payment to drive a taurus/focus :(...Thumbs down to them doing nothing to expediate the process :notnice:
  10. wow bro, home mine dosn't screw up!
  11. Update again: They are now missing a pin for the shift rails and now I won't be getting my car back today. ETA sometime next week....
  12. lemon law the car if you can.

  13. 1. Be glad at least you get a free rental car if its an SVT dealer :)

    2. Tell them you plan to invoke the lemon statute. See if they call your bluff. Get some paperwork together, and tell them you have been documenting every conversation, discussion, etc. Tell them you would like to speak to the manager so that he is aware you plan to invoke the lemon law.

    This is exactly why people are buying foreign cars. Amazing they would rather save a buck than service a car. They are bluffing you. They are stalling. Call them on it.
  14. Looks like they ****ed that one away. I had the exact same problem and my dealership just replaced my driveshaft, a ton simplier fix than rebuilding a tranny. Oh well.
  15. They already replaced the driveshaft wasn't there :(...

    Well another update the dealership now realized that a pin for the shift rails somehow got bent and they need to get that part in so I get to wait til next week to get it back....day 26 and 27 down...
  16. Well another update:

    The rebuild of 6th gear didn't work the vibration is still there after 26 days of work....they now have no idea what to do and finally have the regional service rep coming down "sometime this week". I put a call into a lawyer hopefully that will get their attention as even if it only takes til Wed for the rep to get here and get a new transmission ordered it probably wouldn't be installed til monday....which means 33 days.....
  17. Hey Kyle,
    I'd say definitely file for the lemon law. I purchased a brand new '04 back in mid-August. The car has been at two different dealerships for 35 days now. Looks like 1 car payment went to hell- I have a LIST of issues/problems with my cobra. It's funny how eager the dealerships are to get your money but aren't very eager to help you out once you have their problematic vehicles. I hate to say it but this will definitely be my last Ford purchase. Their quality issues are a whole new ball game though. I'm curious as to what dealer you purchased the car from in MI? Oh, I'm working with a lawyer as well, just can't decide if I should keep the car once I get it back this week (if everything is working, then I probably will) or lemon it. Time will tell.
  18. Unfortunately most dealerships wont just replace a trans, cause if they replace it and it gets back to ford its on there Arse. In terms if they replaced and it didnt fix it the dealership is footing a 3000 bill, wich most likely would try to be forced apon the poor technician. Anyways with that 6th gear being replaced and driveshaft I personaly would say you only have 2 options left. Clutch/flywheel, whole damn tranny. That rep that is gonna come down and look at your car will know crap, he is just gonna give the technician a few more things to look at. If there is a BIG svt dealership around you have a better chance, the more Cobras a dealership services the bettter chance they have seen this problem before. Anyways best of luck, dont take it out on the tech, his hands are tied, the dealership is alittle bit responsible for not takeing the risk, the big problem is the Ford Company itself not wanting to antie up and truely car about QUALITY IS JOB #1 ......

  19. Update again: The Rep isn't going to be here til Thursday the 14th so I get to wait again....and now my Transmission is worst of then it was not only now does it have the 6th gear vibration but it pops whenever I put it in Reverse now :notnice:.....It doesn't feel the same as it used to also but it might be everything breaking back in...
  20. That really sucks man but as technicians we are not allowed to just replace a trans at our command. Ford has setup new requirements that unless the amount of money for parts exceeds their set amount you have to rebuild the tranny. The amount they have is a joke, about the only time you would even get close to going over is if you had a complete failure and the case itself would have to be replaced. Ever since they started these new standards with trannies I have yet to see one be replaced, we rebuild all of ours now.
    Ford service reps are a damn joke. They don't know crap when it comes to cars, a kid at the local parts store has the same knowledge as them. They come down ask the tech, have you tried this and that, we say yes, they scratch their head, get a free lunch from our dealership, then leave maybe a day later saying "make sure to call me with what you find".
    I would look into getting ford to pay for monthly payments during the down time you have had. I know some of our lincoln customers have had ford pay for their monthly payment during hard to find concerns.