Update Finally! V6 to Cobra Conversion Progress (lots of pics)

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  1. looks great! ...all of it.. ...let us know how that vht paint holds up. i just used the cheapest red paint i could find and prepped it good. held great for bout two years. time for pads so i'm gonna repaint... but i wanna know if that crap is worth the cost?
  2. I did promise photos of the Cobra carcass, so here you go. Front end looks a little short, ya think? The engine in there is my old V6:


    We finally removed the rear axle, looks a little roomy down there.


    I decided to paint the Cobra engine, rust is definitely not my color. Before:


    And after:


    I used the extra paint to touch up the accessory brackets and the new differential cover. This is a brush-on paint from G2, so it's not perfectly smooth. Before:


    And after:


    If you want a closer shot of each bracket, check out these links:

    Bracker 1
    Bracket 2
    Diff Cover
  3. WOW, This thing is gonna look Killer...

    Your engine looks better than my car....
  4. agreed. love that accent color for the car too!

    i want that wing! :nice:
  5. hey, by any chance are you selling the drivers side door??
  6. As a matter of fact, yes. Do you live in Southern California? I don't have any way of shipping anything that big right now.
  7. pm me...i have two and only one stang:nice:
  8. door

    sure do, I live in the west covina area. Let me know how much. I can pick up
  9. hhahah, i was just watchin that martin lawerance movie, Blue Streak the other nite. thats where his police character he portrayed was from. ok, maybe it wasnt that funny LOL :shrug:
  10. What parts will you be selling from the Cobra?
  11. west covina

    West HOvina

  12. if the tail lights are decent and not cracked i'll take them off your hands
  13. all sounds the same to me LOL :nice:
  14. Very nice. I am partial to black and red also.
  15. There's not too much left, really. I'm using everything Cobra-specific except he trunk & spoiler. Mostly a bunch of small parts left. Are you looking for something specific?
  16. The passenger tail light is cracked, the driver's one is good. Not sure on the paint, it might need a bit of wet sanding to look good. Still interested?
  17. Keep any sales in PM's guys. :nice:
  18. A final update to link the threads together. This thread is continued over here.
  19. anyone who asked about parts in this thread that he doesnt have shoot me a pm. i have alot of stuff off of my old 94 cobra