Update on COBRASK8

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  1. just thought I'd put up a few pics on the project!

    Currently, the front suspension is almost in, I'm in process of Installing the 3-Link rear suspension, and doing the aluminum interior work. Brake system comes next. The motor is painted, and soon to be intalled is a Performer 289 Intake, Holley 4-BBl, and a different oil pan.

    Having alot of fun building the FFR roadster!

    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v431/Chepsk8/Cobrask81.jpg">

    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v431/Chepsk8/Cobrask82.jpg">

    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v431/Chepsk8/Cobrask83.jpg">

    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v431/Chepsk8/Cobrask84.jpg">

    (I'll get more pics soon!)
  2. :rolleyes: So I guess this means there won't be any Cruzing this Saterday nite?

    Now if you had not gone on that silly Vacation, It might have been done. :D

  3. sweet! I'm soo jealous ;) You are going to have to take me on a ride some day ya know.... to FFR to buy my own kit ;)
  4. Looks like you are going to have to change the sign ! ;)
  5. Hee hee!

    I'll just hand letter in "COBRASK8"!!!
  6. Hey, wehre is my credit!? I built the left passenger front side!
    And I built it without looking in the book, i just looked at the side you did.
  7. D,

    Put the new arm in, and it went in perfect! Good Work! I'm putting in the steering after the weekend.
  8. Like the part of my new signature?
  9. Oboe,

    Next year's SAAC convention is back at Fontana! Make plans for the July 4 weekend! We can meet, and you can test-drive my rental before you buy it!
  10. Cool!

    Just our of curiosity, is this Cobra going to be painted Indian Fire? :D
  11. Yes, when it's time to paint, I will paint it Indian Fire (also looking at the new Burnt Orange GM & Ford has) with only Grey "Gurney Stipes" over the nose.

    I want it to be different!
  12. Something terribly wrong here...........

    Am I to believe that Chepsk8 is reading the directions, while his daughter is NOT reading the directions?:scratch:

    Shouldn't that be the other way around?:scratch:

    btw.....With two of you working on it, why isn't it completed yet? :shrug:
  13. Um, well, um........................
  14. Awesome! That is going to look BEAutiful. :nice:
  15. Any photochoppers want to take a whack at this one?
  16. way to go Dan, that is going to be one sweet machine. BTW in case you didn't already know, that headlight bucket i bought from is in the body shop getting repainted even the original color of the headlight bucket, acapulco blue. it's actually kind of funny the car was originally lime gold but half of the parts that have been replaced are acapulco blue and every single one of those parts is from a different car. the decklid i bought at a wrecking yard here in town about 15 years ago, the headlight bucket i got from you, both sport mirrors i got off ebay from different sellers about 2 years apart, one of the doors i got in when i lived in austin about 10 years ago and on of the front fenders i also got in austin but from a different wrecking yard and that was only about 8 years ago. kind of wierd huh? not every part i have replaced has been blue though, the other door was champagne gold and the other fender and the front valance were red
  17. Shoulda left them all their original colors, then you'd have a horse of a different color!:D
  18. Find me a pic of one with the stripes on it, and an indian fire pic and I'll do it. :nice:
  19. BURNT ORANGE !!!! That color is just unreal. You should start a poll .

  20. I haven't seen the "new Burnt Orange" yet (too busy workin' not enough time to window-shop and drool). Is it anything like the metallic "almost Emberglow" that Ford was putting on the trucks and Explorers a couple years back?

    Regardless, while blue is *my* color; I'd go for Indian Fire in rememberance of the car I used to love reading about in the magazine. :nice:

    Still Dreamin'