Update on COBRASK8

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  1. :nonono: She had it right, You should know when you get to that certian Age you forget what you were doing. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    And it prob would have been done if he had spent the vacation time on it.

    Then The Twins might have showed up. :lol:

  2. If the twins showed up, Deanna would be building the entire car!!

    I've been looking for a pic of a Cobra with just the Gurney stripes, but it has not been easy. The color I'm lookin at is the burnt oranange I've seen on New Chevy trucks & cars. Just a little more "orangier" than the indian fire, without being too "tangerine".

    I'm up to Vermont this weekend to go to my office at Hemmings, then will be hard at work on the car next week while the kids are still out in Vegas with thier Mom.
  3. Dan,

    I'll put July 4th down on my calendar. A receipiant of one of our guide dogs that we trained lives in Fontana! :D

    It would be nice to see some SN faces other than the west coasters that show up at Knotts in April. My car might even be together at that time ;)
  5. Yeah it might help if you show up one of these times :) I actually have been looking forward to meeting you at knotts after the long hot drive from AZ... but to no avail!
  6. How 'bout you pick me up on your way thru town.....:D
  7. Is that how that works??? I have to actually show up? Ahhh, I see now :D

    I swear, ok maybe not swear, but I am realtively, almost, slightly, sorta, sure-ish that I will be there next year. Maybe.
  8. Isn't that what you and your two monkeys said last year?:scratch:
  9. Kind of :p
  10. Fly into phoenix and we'll caravan out with 2bav8 and a couple others to LA. It'll be a blast!
  11. YO! Dont just take that boring drive across I-10. Take I-8 into Sandy Eggo; then up the coast! It's a much more scenic drive (and if you call me ahead of time) I'll be standing right there at the last exit in Arizona with my thumb out!

    No, I'm not gonna flash a little leg!
  12. But that adds like 2+ hours to the trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  13. Yeah, but think about it - the open road, the roar of the smallblock eating up the miles; what an enjoyable trip it would be! :D

    Still Dreamin'
  14. Open road? Roaring engines? Up the coast of So. Cal.
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    How bout sardine like traffic and the idling engines? ;)
  15. Depends on what road you take - at least in the "deep south" of California. Even I-8 from the river to San Diego can be bumper-to-bumper; but 78 out of El Centro is a great road to run if you like twisty hill-climbs. :nice:
  16. You did say "up the coast", right? If I remember correctly 78 dumps you at the 5 around Oceanside. That's alot of bumper to bumper up to OC or Fontucky. :D
  17. Well Jeeze, must you keep on spoiling my devious master plan to bum a free ride? :bang:

    Why don't you go play with the monkeys, ya rotten sheeple-herder!

  18. well if we go through El centro then we can pick up Mel (from VMF) and his 66 and 67 (Captain America car, now painted Black Cherry Pearl). damn.. this sounds like the making of a West Coast Stangnet meet!
  19. Oh StDr, By that time i should have my 65 up and running again along with my 72..... if you pay for the gas you possibly could have a stang for a long weekend :)
  20. Hey, thanks for the hand - sounds like a plan. I'm also thinking of another option; talking two local guys into taking their KR 'verts (yes we have a second one in town now) up there :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Still Dreamin'