Update on my Notch! Engine Installed! Pics

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  1. So tonight I was bored, got off work a little early so I thought what the hell. I had a couple Tilts in the fridge and nothing but time. So here we go.

    I still have to sand and touch up the rusted area where the battery tray sits!




    My Hurst Shifter Installed with round chrome ball (I don't like the T handle hurst gives you.)

  2. OHHH noes

    NO wires can only mean one thing


  3. :eek: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

    *runs behind couch*
  4. Not with the TFI distributor.
  5. oil primer? :shrug:
  6. *runs out from behind couch when horribly startled by the unexpected arrival of Strype. Once collecting ones self sprints to closet to grab doritos (cool ranch..yeah baby yeah), straps on the infamous hugger orange helmet wife ecourages him to wear and dives back behind couch as fear of "carobanatoer" thingie strikes fear in heart*

  7. *slaps DMAN on top of Grabber Orange Helmet*

    You forgot my Willy Wonka Bar :mad:
  8. I heard carbinator's work b/c kenny Rogers personally shoots his load in the Rigamortis valve to get them primed for a life of service
  9. The TFI distrib is oil primer, and yes its going to be carb'ed :D
  10. *pulls willy wonka bar from jacket pocket and hands to Strype...extends arm as an encouraging getsure to hug*

  11. *sings*

  12. *doesn't know song so makes up own words and tune*
    yeah yeah yeah....years aaaaagooooowwwww la lallalalalal alalal
  13. In all honesty it looks great.

    I know it sounds wierd but i would have no clue how to do anything with a carb. Its just like wierd.....

    *grabs tickle me elmo stuffs him down the garbage disposal laughing*
  14. Thread derailing, its the new black.
  15. dam im good
  16. *becomes PISSED when he realizes S&B has just shoved dmans tickle me elmo down the disposal*
  17. Looks AWESOME- I hope to be able to build a whole engine one day and not just the top :nice:

    *takes willy wonka bar... hugs DMAN... grabs his butt by accident thinking it was his lost Tickle Me Elmo doll*
  18. Anybody want a FREE 2.3L with 70K miles? Come pick it up. I started it before I pulled it, runs good, clutch is out. Im guessing 4cyl T5 is good.
  19. *grabs the pillow and squeezes a BOOB decides to go visit the kitten and go to sleep ,,,,,,,,,,, snoring now*
  20. I don't know if squeezing the boob of a kitten is illegal, however I am certain it is not good for him.