Update on my Notch! Engine Installed! Pics

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  1. you work quick, didnt you just pick this up yesterday?
  2. that's what I am thinking, especially with a fridge full of booze. I know when the beer comes out any work that I do is quickly going downhill:cheers: :sleep:
  3. yea, I brought it home Monday, Pulled 4cyl Monday night, Power washed it Tuesday, Cleaned up engine bay Wednesday, and Installed engine today, unfortunately I'm out of money for this project for this month. Have to wait till next month, I set my budget at $200/week. I still need an intake, carb, fuel pump, line, pickup, distrib, msd box and cooling system. It should be done around Christmas time.
  4. sweet, now you didnt answer my question lol. look at my previous post
  5. Yes, I have to do the 5 lug conversion, I plan on leaving the 4 cyl springs, but getting new struts and shocks, and I plan on 3/8" aluminum fuel line, with one of the aftermarket pickup tubes that go in place of the electric pump. I will run a holley blue pump w/ regulator, and most likely one of Professional Products RPM Air Gap knockoffs, I found them for as low as $110. I will probably bite the bullet and buy myself a new carb either a 650cfm or 670cfm Holley. The distributor I chose is the MSD-8598 paired with a 6AL box for ease of installation and nice clean install.

  6. Hey thanks, i just wasnt sure!
  7. Its all good, I will post more pictures with my next update, but it wont be for awhile, I have about $800-900 worth of stuff in my summit shopping cart, but I have to wait till next month to buy it so I don't go over my monthly budget, damn mortgage :D
  8. Awsome! Nice job!
  9. ive got a performer RPM and a 650 holley double pumper if your interested.

    edit: the DP is zinc coated!:D
  10. UPDATE

    Got some more parts in Today!! Keep an eye out for some pics.

    got :
    intake Prof Prod air gap knockoff
    carb 650 DP Holley
    msd distributor
    msd 6al ign box
    msd blaster 3 coil
    Fuel lines, fittings, regulator, pump
  11. [​IMG]




    These pics are an early state, Ive only had a couple hours so far to put stuff together, got alot more work ahead, but for those who wanted to see my progress, there ya go.
  12. I love it! Looks great so far.. So simple thanks to the carb too I'll bet. What carb/intake combo are you running? (sorry if you said previously I wasn't paying attention)
  13. thanks, I'm running a 650 dbl pumper, and an air gap knockoff made by professional products.
  14. Very nice, you workpretty quick!
  15. Cool stuff. Do you have the tank and pump and all that stuff rigged up so it can run on the carb yet? It looks like you're getting really close to firing it up! I can't wait haha :D
  16. where are you going to mount the maf and the fuel injectors?

    did you make bungs for the o2 sensors in the headers?

    i don't understand what's going on!!
  18. Yea, I took the factory fuel pump out, and put in an aluminum tube in place of the pump. I bought a 25ft roll of 3/8 fuel line and all the fittings. I have a Holley blue pump, and regulator also.
  19. I will most likely get to fire it up on Sunday if I don't run into any problems. Unfortunately my digital camera doesn't have sound while recording short clips.

    91 5.0 block
    TFS Stage 1 cam
    FMS Lifters
    GT40x303 Heads
    1 5/8" Headers
    Air Gap Intake
    650cfm Holley
    T5 trans
    Undecided on rear end ratio yet, I have the original 8.8 from my 1986 vert for this coupe.
  20. should get up and go!