Update on my Notch! Engine Installed! Pics

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  1. MMMM carbinator sammich :drool:

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  4. Small update

    Did some misc wiring, and summit sent me the non efi valve covers in exchange. I also built my switch panel inside for the MSD box, Fuel pump, and Electric fan.




  5. nice!. your pretty good at this..... :nice: want to do mine for me :shrug:............
  6. Bring it to Florida, I love to work on vehicles. :)
  7. Current update

    I fired it up, she runs great and sounds great! this week I started cleaning up things a bit. I have 99% of the wiring done, just have to get some wire looms. Ive decided to do a factory color repaint, instead of changing colors. I stripped all the engine accessories from my 86' vert, and took the H pipe off and the mufflers. I took the flows to a local shop and had them put some turndowns on them instead of tailpipes. anyhow heres a couple pics.


  8. :drool: notchs are o so cool

    good choice to repaint it the org color. i like that blue.
  9. man that looks nice as hell!.... pritty clean
  10. Awesome you got it fired up. I would love to do a project like this, but i am broke...
  11. Thanks guys, I still have a bit more to do, I will probably do some around town driving with it this weekend. Might also drop it off at a local mechanic so he can pull vac on a/c system and charge it. After I get everything lined out I will send it to body shop for a slick paint job.

    p.s. I don't like how my pretty aluminum heads are hidden now :(
  12. I must also add while people are looking at this. If you plan on doing a carb conversion, Get the MSD distributor, it is very easy to wire up with a 6al box or equivalent, and it has a steel gear for use with roller cams.
  13. good advice.
  14. Nice notch. You should keep it the same color it is hard to find.
  15. MATT!!! Looks G R E A T ! ! ! :nice:

    Somehow I've missed this thread for going on a month but dude I'm so glad you got it all installed!!!

  16. Thats the hawtness :drool:
  17. looks real nice, and i bet she runs hard. only thing negative i can say is you have all the shiny new stuff, but then all the accesory's and brackets are dirty. otherwise it looks great!
  18. I agree with my accessories being dirty, my plans are to get new stuff and billet/polished brackets in the future, I ran outta money for the time being. Thanks for all the comments
  19. Hows it coming along, Updates? Got any more pics?
  20. Pics on page 2 at bottom are most recent, taken over last weekend.