Update on my Notch! Engine Installed! Pics

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  1. Screw the accesories!
  2. i dont know if that would work.

  3. LOTS of 10w30 Valvoline would be required.

  4. Better...
  5. Final 4cyl to 5.0 conversion pics =]

    Here we go, my swap is all done. Next steps are body/paint and a 5 lug conversion. I will make a new thread when the time comes. but for now, here is the outcome of my $900 ebay 4cyl notch.

    1990 LX 25th anv. Coupe
    1991 5.0L block stock bore
    std. size Moly rings
    New rod and main bearings
    HV oil pump and ARP shaft
    GT40 X303's
    1.6 Roller Rockers
    TFS stage 1 cam
    FMS roller lifters
    FMS Head gaskets (teflon coated)
    ARP bolts
    Air Gap intake
    650 Holley 4160
    Chrome 1-5/8" headers
    FMS polished valve covers
    MSD 6AL ignition box
    MSD distributor
    MSD Blaster 3 coil
    Taylor 10.4mm wires
    Off-road H-Pipe
    T5 trans.
    8.8 w/ 4.10 gear


  6. ok, due to you posting a link to this on rsstangs thread I am gonna post this one. how's it running now?
    is it a daily?If so what kinda mileage and #'s are you putting down?