Update on real 67 Shelby GT500 "Eleanor" 4 those interested

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  1. These are about 2 weeks old, sorry, but its all Ive got presently. This was in first primer. Shes since been blocked , sanded, etc etc and put in final primer .We hope to squirt her this weekend. Ill get more pics once the paint is on and its been clear coated . :rolleyes:

    Note for those that havent heard this already ::: The original Shelby front end, INCLUDING both front fenders , hood, and scoops are in dry storage. There was no damage done putting on the "Eleanor" kit, since the entire front clip and fenders are stored. The other pieces are basically glued on with structural adhesive. Solvent and sanding will remove the residue when its taken back original. Basically equivalent to stubborn paint. This Shelby could be put back original inside of a day or two .
  2. Hmmm.. Seems to be a problem with the uploading of pictures... Oh well. :shrug: Ill get some more recent ones anyway..Sorry
  3. BOOO!!!!

    I want my time back. Ya damn tease.
  4. dang.... got my hopes up for some sweet pics of ur sweet ride. oh well I will wait for another day.
  5. cmon pics, I'm guessing they don't work anymore because of the photo album thingy that has been introduced.