Update on Superdave...

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  1. Hi all!

    I know it has been a long time since I spent any time here, but I come to you with news of SD.

    It had been several months since I had spoken with SD but as always, we picked up right where we left off.

    He is still in good health but broke his ankle 6 weeks ago while fishing in BC with some friends. His vision is still not 100%, but he has managed to get the 64.5 out for a fun drive (yes, with a broken foot).

    Now for the sad part...

    Dave has announced his intent to sell his coveted 64.5. He fears that his vision will not improve enough and that he is only prolonging the agony. So (going against my better judgement), I am assisting SD in the sale of the 'vert.

    Now, I know you all hate this question, but a lot of you know the condition and details of SD's car. NADA says it is worth between 18,900 to 33,900. Pretty vague if you ask me. So, what is it worth to those who know the car?

    Until next time...

  2. Aww bummer. One thing, I've NEVER seen pics of his car, are there any I could see?
  3. I'm pleased to hear SD is up to the usual. I'm disappointed that he is seriously considering selling his 64.5. I just hope that whoever he sells it to has the same "stock as a rock" intentions. I've never been one for the whole stock/original thing, but I respect SD and the history of his car to hope that his car sees the life he'd want it to lead. Wish SD the best from all of us. :nice:
  4. dude, tell SD that he can keep the title and i'll just babysit it in my garage for me, he knows im a stock as a rock guy. tell him to get lasik so his vision will be 20/20 again and keep the stang!
  5. I wish lasik would work for him. This was an aftermath of his stroke from some time ago.
  6. bummer, good luck on helping him out with the sale. and next time when you see him before his next fishing trip, don't say "break a leg". he might take you're advice. ;)
  7. :scratch: You back again! I figured that you went over to the Twilight,
    With that I Robot Car avatar. :rlaugh:

    Sorry to hear that SD wishes to part ways :(
    Barrett/Jackson auction with set price.

    At leat he will know it will stay Stock as a Rock. :flag:

    Tell Hoppa long to get better. :D

  8. First, tell SuperDave that I am very sorry to hear about his misfortune. Hopefully he's finding something to fill the time while his leg heals, and I'm really sorry to hear his sight has not improved. If he absolutley must sell the car, Barrett-Jackson is a great place to find a home for it. The people that attend that auction really appreciate restored to orginal cars, and seem more than happy to preserve unrestored cars. Also, be sure and let Dave know that he is missed here and that I for one will be praying for the best for him.
  9. I also say Barrett-Jackson...he'd get the most out of it there and as others said they appreciate true classics. It's such ashame though that it would have to come to that....poor SD.
  10. This is total :bs: SD should have the ole girl stuffed and mounted to the mantle if he can't enjoy her anymore, just like trigger. I can't believe he has no one in the family to be bequeath it to and retain visiting rights. I guess all good things have to come to an end, but I didn't think that went for great things too. :( Best of luck SD, I hope you still drop in now and again to fill the void I'm sure the sale of your car will eventually leave. :flag:
  11. what am I gonna do being the only stock-as-a-rock guy left on stangnet???

    the offer to babysit still holds :D
  12. i could probably muster up a good, solid $500 for it if he is interested :)

    Thats a helluva investment if you think about it. He will be making probably close to 10 times what he originally paid for it.
  13. Thanks for the update. Seems like a shame to sell the 'ol rock though. I'd rather Dave just hang on to it and sit in in it making vroom vroom noises. You know that even if you can't see, there is no mistaking the feel of that wheel, or the smell of old vinyl.
  14. i got $600, so thats 11 times as much
  15. Tyler-
    Thanks for the update on SD, he is missed around here. Please tell him He is in my prayers, and I am sorry to hear that he has decided to part with his prize 64.5.
  16. that sucks. But I can understand his reasoning. a car is not so much fun when its under covers in the garage.
  17. I can't believe what I am reading. I'd ask him to hold on a little longer. Unless he needs the cash, what's the hurry?
  18. No real hurry, but it breaks his heart to know it is out ther and that he cannot enjoy it.

    I think the old saying applies here...

    If you love something, set it free...

  19. A while back, I remember him saying that the Ford people was interested in it. Maybe give them a call. Then, everyone could enjoy it in the HF museum. Put a big plaque on it saying....."Once owned by StangNet's Super Dave."
  20. Is dave still near a computer??? is he posting on here at all?? i havent been around for a while....