Update on Superdave...

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  1. Unfortunately no :(
  2. Tell Super Dave to put his car on EBAY. He can get TOP Dollar for it on EBAY.

  3. Unfortunately, you under estimate the quality of SD's ride. That would be like selling the Mona Lisa on ebay. There are other, more profitable ways to sell items of quality.
  4. Well, I beg your pardon sir. If his car is such a big item of quality, he should then have it sold by Sotheby's. Maybe someone like Jay Leno can purchase the car from him. You sound as if his car is a CONCOURS status vehicle. Como'n, who are you kidding here. I wasn't born yesterday. Super Stud Dave will be lucky if he can find the appropriate buyer for his ride and try to get top dollar for it from the buyer. He should just put it in the HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS if his car is a Concours vehicle. What's stopping him from doing this? HUH?

  5. You really shouldn't talk about things that you have no clue of.

  6. :rlaugh:

    16 posts??? man this is way before your time :nonono:

  7. Sorry to hear that. He definately has good taste in fishing spots though :D

  8. It's ME G-Man. The great and powerful OZ. I was reincarnated. Can't you tell by my creative writing? How ya been?
  9. Ozzie--- I think Gingie was refering to our new friend from under the bridge...:shrug:

  10. OK. Sorry. Back on the O2 bottle for me. :nice:
  11. Speaking of thin 'air.............
    Fuzzy Wuzzy was a BBFCM bear,
    Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair,
    Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't Fuzzy, was he?
    :shrug: :D

  12. OK, maybe YOU should seek some O2. :D ..............or put down the NO2.
  13. That's what I keep telling my doc....... :shrug: O2 via a NRB mask @ 15 lpm.......then mebbe I won't feel so :puke: after chemo...... :shrug:

  14. Man, I thought you were done with all that. Best wishes. Maybe something a little stronger. Black Lassie???? :shrug: :nice:
  15. Unfortunately, no. I will be getting chemo every three weeks at least until the end of October............... :( Next round is 8/26 thru 8/28/04......

  16. Very sorry to hear that. Hang in there. :nice:

  17. haha man i knew it was you but ya i was directing my comments to powderpuff red up there... I been doing pretty good, I got a update on the missing gbm thread http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=490273&goto=newpost

    why you change your screen name bro???

  18. Thin air. :rolleyes:

  19. Well, we moved and got a new ISP and email, and I couldn't remember my damned password, and they couldn't email it to me because the old email was shut down. Might have been able to fix it without doing all this, but I'm impatient and now have even less air to keep the mind from being foggy, it was just easier to get a new one. I'll be back up to 5000 in no time.

  20. The guy was just pissing in the wind. He didn't know SD's car or the man. I hinted that to him.