1. Forgive the quality...I'm gonna take a real digital back there and take some more, but I have to say that the Stang is looking AWESOME!!!! :nice:

    This dosen't even have any clear on it yet....just color.



    Had to enhance them in photoshop b/c the lighting in there was terrible.

    They still have to reassemble the T-Top trim and install all the new weatherstripping..but wow...words can't say how impressed I am.

    This car is 20 years old!

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  2. What color is that if you dont mind me asking.. i just took a picture of mine the other day in our shop, and they look pretty damn close.
  3. Dodge Patriot Blue
  4. man thats some shiny basecoat lol, good lookin though:nice:
  5. :stupid:
    Are you sure that doesnt have any clear on it?
  6. I'm just going on what he told me. He said he hasn't done the clear yet..... ::shrug::
  7. I say that also becuase I've never heard of someone not clearing it right after the color coat, and the wing and rear bumper are on the car and its all unmasked. Maybe he has a really wierd way of painting a car. hah looks good nonetheless. Im jealous.