Updated 1/4 mile times With ET Streets

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by brands5.0, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Went to the drag strip to try out my new ET STREETS. 26 x 11.50 x 17"
    Fastest pass to date was a 12.02 @ 119 mph.

    My 1st pass with slicks was a 11.9 @ 122 mph.

    Best pass of the day was an 11.63 @ 120 with a 1.78 60'
  2. That's gotta feel good. ;) Nice times.
  3. what mods do you have on the car
  4. Mods are

    Metco 2.6 upper
    JLT intake
    Evolution SCT tune
    26x11.50x17 Et streets
  5. Cannot get r going

    I had a bad weekend in canada on the strip. I couldn't get off the line with stock tires. I'm a novice so that's part of the problem, just picked up a set of BFG Dr's 295-35-18's. Looking forward to going back with new skins.:shrug:
    What are you launching at?
  6. The 1.7 60' time were with a 3,500 rpm launch
  7. Did you have to slip the clutch or dump it? I dropped the air to 25# in my F1's tried to launch at 2000 and nothing but smoke! Tried to slip the clutch and floor it and had massive wheel hop going into 2nd with the skins still spinning! Drove around the water too. Embarrassing times! Quit after three times until I get my DR's on. :bang:
  8. Did you notice the car swaying with radials up front and streets out back???

  9. I was all over the place with the F1's. Don't recall the swaying, just spinning and wheel hop.
  10. You were all over the place w/ET STREETS?

    That is what I was wondering. IF the car wanted to wander on the top end with radials up front and ET STREETS out back?

  11. Haven't tried the DR BFG's yet. Thinking of going to the track on Wednesday to try them out.
  12. Rained out last week, we're going to try again this week in Napierville Quebec. This is going to be a Mustang show and race night starting at 7 pm. Lots of fun and closeby for us Northeasterners.
  13. Finally got back to the track. Had my BFG DR'S on and had a best run of 12.1 @ 119. I'm still not happy with a 1.99 60' but it's a lot better than before. Need more practice on my launching.:Track:
  14. time slips at track

    :shrug: I have a question i never see any time slips from the track ????? posted here showing your times down the track
  15. here is one i have a t work the others are at my house
  16. Looks like you have to work on your 60' times and the rest will follow. but looking good