Updated: Dyno w/SCT and Professional Tune

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  1. Well, I also used up a vacation day (use it or lose it) at Excessive. Spent the good bit of the day around what appeared to be a 2000 cobra with a [CORRECTION] Paxton 17psi Turbo between dyno cool downs.

    So, I returned the car to its original tune, put away the predator and we do a few pulls for a base line. With the Magnaflow Dual Y pipe kit and AFE, we were at 180RWHP. Not bad with no tune.

    So now it was time to do some runs with the SCT, and start some tuning. The first couple pulls were excellent, we hit 193 RWHP, 210 RWTQ. Now I was grinning ear to ear, if you remember correctly, last time I posted my dyno it was 193 STD, and this is 193 SAE, which to translate is 199.8 STD. Unfortunately, Chris was concerned and said the car was running way too lean…so back to the drawing board.

    Let me first say Chris is very anal about his tunes, and he takes his time and never gives up. After about 5 more pulls, my final numbers are:

    • 190 RWHP (SAE)
    • 203.5 RWTQ (SAE)

    I was hoping to get back up to 193, but it was not going to happen. Now before I got frustrated I kept in mind that stock, the auto is around 170RWHP, and I am running 20 HP over that, so that is very good! I am wondering what is going on with my TQ. I was expecting something closer to 210 RWTQ but perhaps after some more mods.

    Now for drivability, what a difference!!! Looking at my dyno’s, my TQ curve is much cleaner and not “funky” like it was on the pred. My shift points are firmed up now too and I can really feel the car take off even more than before.

    As soon as I can, I will post dyno sheets. I’m home and do not have a scanner handy. All in all I am pleased with my mods considering. 190 is really good if you take into account its an auto, my maf tube is stock. Once I get pulleys and true duals, then we we see what the numbers look like then.

    I still want more TQ though. LOL.
  2. cool, too bad you missed your goal though. :( on the plus side, it gives you something to look forward to for the next dyno session!!!! :nice:

  3. Thanks!!! Always a work in progress, but like I said I can't complain.
  4. Since when did Vortech make a turbo? and a 2000 Cobra making 180 rwhp?????

  5. My bad, it was a Paxton Turbo. I actually got a good look at it yesterday. Oh, my car made 180 with no tune. What I said was between tunes, waiting for the car to cool down, we would check out the other cobra they had in the shop.
  6. Rygenstormlocke:

    I'm wondering if my V6 system will hit your goal?

    I'll restock the system if it doesn't.
    If it does I'll let you have the system @ dealer cost.

    There will be no up front charge to send it and see if you hit your goal.

  7. Definitely! PM sent.