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  2. Ok, here goes..

    My baby is a 76 Cobra II, 302/4 speed car. I am in the process of restoring it back to as factory original as humanly possible. I am on a neverending quest for NOS and good factory correct used parts and I have probably already spent as much as I paid for the car on NOS parts for it. I am not looking to win shows, be judged, or compete with my car (although I may do so from time to time), I just want a proper "correct" car that I can be proud to drive. People love the car wherever I go, and I won a first place trophy at the first car show I attended this year. Here are some pics, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

    Engine Bay 1
    Engine Bay 2
    Show Pic
    NOS Battery
    Side Pic
  3. Here she is the new baby 76 cobra with a beefy 302 dual exhaust, headers and thats about it.

    Soon to come within the next few months

    Paint (hapening in a week)
    Window louvers (just got some today)

    far off in the distance

    Roller motor ( :D )


  4. Ok here's my 78 Fastback:

    The Blue Fastback is my 363 hp Tunnel Ram car that was in a recent accident. The pics are of it at a weekly car show in town before the accident. And yes, it is factory Dark blue with Red Interior. The rugs and seats have been changed.

    Engine Vitals-
    '67 289 bored .030 with Speed Pro Cast pistons. All stock lower end with HV oil pump and ARP drive rod. Edelbrock Performer RPM cam, lifters and Timing chain. The heads are '66 Hi-Po 289's fully ported and has 1.94/1.60 Chev valves with Edelbrock Torker Springs and Isky Valve locks. Custom length Trickflow Chrome Moly pushrods and Crane Energizer Full roller rockers finish off the valve train. Currently it has a Weiand Dual Quad Tunnel Ram with 2 450cfm Holley manual secondary 4bbls. Ignition- for now, I'm running a Pertronix Mr. Ignitor and Mallory Promaster Coil with Accel 8.8 wires (not in picture) Previous Owner butchered the wiring so I have yet to fiddle with making the DuraSpark work again.

    Exhaust- Dynomax headers feed through 2.5" pipes to Dynomax Super Turbos and 3" exits the muffs out the back.

    Trans- Currently Stock C4 trans with Stg 2 B&M shift kit. Unaffortunately this C4 has the pinto valvebody and i fear it's light duty at that.

    Other mods- I have a 3.50:1 spooled rear and SSM lift bars and also the SSM Subframe Connectors. Up front, shortened stock front coils and a 1 1/8" front sway bar with Monroe shocks. Manual R&P steering, Racing bucket seats, Moroso sealed Batt box, Scummit remote batt cut-off and all "0" (single ott) Battery cable. Keeping it somewhat cool is a 16" perma-cool fan and a 4 row (small tube) radiator.

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  5. Here's my '76 Cobra II. It's a V6 4 speed car and all original as you see it. It'll be getting a full resto down the road.

    Mods so far- 14" Outlaw wheels, 3.40 trac lok rear with rear sway bar. Absolutely NO exhaust!.....actually, only about 2 feet of pipe on each side!!!

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  6. I guess i'll replace this spot were my '75 Ghia was with my newest accusititon, a '78 Ghia. I paid $100 for it in Nov '03. A guy came by with it on the trailer was referred to me from another car buddy of mine. He said the crusher would give him $75 for the hulk so i offered him $100 and that he can dump'er in my back yard. Originally it was a black exterior red interior car but someone started changing the interior over to black. The V6 is mostly dis-assembled and in the trunk. It has the C4 auto trans and an 8" rear. I'm debating on what to do with it right now. i have a spare, sweet running V6 in the garage and a spare auto trans if need be. The car is not rusty, not one bit at all. The vinyl top is in fair shape and the body is really straight except for a dent in the right front fender. I'll figure out what to do with it soo enough. It's such a soild car, I'd hate to part it out. :shrug:

    I'll have a pic up soon. (too many other pics on SN already- past my quota!)
  7. '78 Mustang II T-Top, 351W 5spd

    '78 T-Top

    '72 351W, 0.060" overbore (362ci), 11:1 compression, balanced
    Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum heads 1.90"I/1.60"E
    Port matched Edelbrock Performer RPM intake
    Holley 750cfm 4160 vacuum secondary 4-bbl converted to 4150
    Custom ground Crower cam
    Edelbrock AccuDrive gear drive
    Proform roller rockers
    Milodon 8qt oil pan
    large high flow headered oil cooler
    Oberg remote oil filter
    re-curved Ford Duraspark distributor
    MSD Blaster coil
    Taylor 8mm spiral core wires
    FMS King Cobra clutch and pressure plate
    Tremek 3550 5-spd transmission
    Drivelines NW shortened and balanced driveline with Spicer u-joints
    '59 Galaxy 9" housing and 5-lug axles
    3.70:1 9" trac-lok differential
    Hooker Super Competition long tube headers
    custom 3" X-Pipe and 3" dual exhaust with 3" mufflers and 2.5" tailpipes
    custom 4-row core radiator

    900lb/in 2" lowering springs (Racer Walsh)
    1" front anti-roll bar (Racer Walsh)
    7/8" rear anti-roll bar (Stock)
    SSM Lift Bars
    SSM Subframe connectors
    11" Granada disc brakes
    11" '59 Galaxy rear drum brakes with '64 adjusting hardware
    1" Lowering blocks
    245/45-17s on 17X8 Roush Mustang alloy wheels
    Urethane control arm, rack, strut-rod, and sway-bar bushings
    Tubular upper control arms
    Monroe gas shocks

    Best of 13.68 @ 105.6mph at Pacific Raceways on street tires.
    309hp, 353ft/lb at the wheels.

  8. nothing really new since last fall. i will take some pics of the new seat covers and carpet soon.

    here are a couple of cleaner photos 11-5-03

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  9. You can check out my car here http://www.cardomain.com/id/mustangii

    I get tired of writing the same thing over and over. It says pretty much everything on the site. The car is still in the shop, I think it is finally being worked on now engine is getting rebuilt and 2nd gear is out so that is being fixed. I got the car sometime around May 7th, was when I made the page. So I think that is the day I got it. Anyway the car has been smoking really bad since the day we got it, and several people told me the rings were fryed. It still ran, we put like 1,000 miles on it maybe less. The mileage is kinda messed up, doesnt count right. Anyway we would end up having to put oil in it about every 100 miles. So anyway..yeah look I wrote a whole paragraph all though I said I wasnt going too. lol Anyway check out the site for pics.
  10. this is my beast....351W soon to have a set of ported and polished heads. might swap the C4 for a T5 conversion and MAYBE a 393 stroker. i'll get some interior pictures up soon.
  11. Here's the latest incarnation of my Ghia.

    Specs: 289 v8 4bbl w/ t5 tranny and 3:00 8"
    65 Mustang front bumper/modified 69 Camaro rear bumper
    67 Cougar Luggage Rack
    CobraII hoodscoop
  12. Here are some pics of my brothers Pro-Street 74. We JUST finally finished it, and he drove it for the first time yesterday :banana: ....




  13. 1978 Ford Mustang Cobra II

    • 302 V8 bored .060 over
    • 4 speed manual transmission
    • Edelbrock Torker II intake
    • Holley Street Avenger 670cfm double pumper carburetor (too much carburetor for the engine)
    • Crane Cams roller rockers
    • '66 289 heads
    • Cranecams 268 High Energy cam
    • 2 1/4" Flowmaster 40 series mufflers
    • Headers (don't know brand)

    Future plans/wishes:
    • Positraction with better street/strip gearing
    • New heads, or port the heads I have now

    Best 1/4mile time of 15.732 @ 87.80 mph. Hope to drastically improve that after I finish what I want to do.

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  15. roadster shot from this last year.

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  18. OK, wrong ride, I know, I know!!!!

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  19. 1975 Mustang II

    Purchased in 1981

    Run over by a military police Hummer in 1993.

    Photo taken in July 2001.

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