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  1. My new project car. This car is going to take the place of my white Cobra. I will hopfully have it in the 9's by summers end. Here is a link to specs and pics. I am also posting some. The car is going to have almost a full Cobra II interior and all the louvers and stripes. The car is a factory cobra. The guy I bought the car from painted the lower Mach 1 stripes over the new paint with a rattle car. I am removing it a making a set of the 76-77 style stripes in reflective white. It also came with fiberglass bumpers already painted to match. Not bad for a $200 car. I just finished installing shortened 9" rear(2.5"), SSM lift bars, new shocks. In the pic with the weld wheels, that is the ride height with stock shocks. Those tires tuck in the wells with no mods.


    getfile.php?id=101430&toggle=fullsize&f=mustang%20IIprtss%20003.jpg getfile.php?id=101431&toggle=fullsize&f=mustang%20IIprtss%20004.jpg
  2. Windsoreight, nice car... the body looks clean and straight.. I kind of like the blacked out effect in the back. The wheelsize in the back is perfect.. what size are they?

  3. The car came blacked out like that:


    I got one awesome deal on the car. My friend who owns a body shop owes me a bunch of favors. I am having repaint the car the same color. Then I will stripe using reflective white cobra II stripes. The car is a real cobra. The stance turned out perfectly. I am not quite sure of the tire size I will have to check. They are a set of Goodyear short track tires. I am using a shortened 9" rear, ssm lift bars, and stock shocks. The tires will tuck right into the wells and don't hit.
  4. Windsoreight,

    Any idea if the Mach1 paint is original? If it is, you may have found one of the legendary "Mach1-Cobra II"'s. Since the "Cobra II" was only a trim package, it is theoretical that you could have such an oddity.

    Check the VIN to see if the 3rd and 4th digits are "05". Of course the Cobra II designation is stamped on the Body Buck tag as "CB".

    Do you know where that gas cap came from? I've been looking for something similar for mine, but don't have the cash to go around buying the early Mustang repop gas caps to experiment with. I'd like the "handle" to be horizontal rather than vertical tho'. Maybe the twist-lock underneath can be removed from the shell and "clocked" by 90 degrees?

  5. 78CobraII:

    The paint on the car is new. When I got the car the paint job was brand new. The guy took spray paint however and painted the Mach 1 rocker banding and rear paint. It was orgionally blue with white cobra stripes. I installed the gas cap. It is a 71-73 Mach 1 pop-open gas cap. THey are pretty hard to find. You can pick them up on Ebay in decent shape for $100-$180 usually. It works perfectly. You pull the filler neck out and slide it throught the cap and slide it back into the car. THe only thing you have to do is redrill 3 of the holes in the cap. But it will close and seal perfectly. You can turn it anyway you want. I installed it like it was in the 71-73 Mach.
  6. geez, for $200, you stole it. If only I could have seen something like that when mine had to be scrapped.
  7. Sweet! Does it mount to the outside surface of the fender or fit inside the gas cap depression?


  8. I sits flat on the quarter panel but the filler tube goes throught it. So when you bolt the filler to the quarter the bolts also go through the base and hold it on. It is a perfect fit.
  9. Man you got a DEAL! I could not find a new one in any of my Mustang catalogs...I finally found one in a 1996 NPD catalog for $299. They said it was a Ford re-issue.

    The eBay "FastForward Fastback" also used one in a custom sail panel filler location.

    Schweet! :)
  10. Thanks Windsoreight. I got the message in plenty of time to bid, but I didn't want to deal with the repair issues. I've got enough on my project to repair as it is! :rlaugh:

    It ended up going for just under $78...I expected more given the rarity of the part.

    I'm going to check on some aftermarket fuel fill assemblies just for fun. I don't need this on my Ghia as its mainly stock, but I'm planning going pretty custom on my CBII someday. I've seen a Cobra style flip-up fill (in this case a Viper fill) that had been installed in a customized CBII, but I'm not quite ready to do the metal work necessary to sink it into the fender...and hence the search for something that will fit in the stock location or on the fender.
  11. Should be able to pick up the side and rear louvers this weekend.

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  12. I hope these worked. Finally got a couple current pictures of the II. Not much done this last year. Working around the house and other things.

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  13. The transformation is now complete, what's next? Maybe a stroker but that will have to wait till next winter, for now I just want to drive.

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  14. [​IMG]

    Looks like a vintage Ford postcard :nice:
  15. Thanks. My wife and I were coming back from a mustang club picnic and we got lost. I passed this road that was to the right of me, and even though we were lost, turned around and stopped there in front of the farm. I then mentioned to my wife she had to hop out of the car for me to take a couple of pics. I took the picture you see, then i realized there was a farm on the other side of the road behind us so i left the car in the same spot, walked around and snapped a few from the other side. maybe I will post one of those also. Scenery with the Cobra was breathtaking. Pictures do not do it justice. :(
  16. 1976 Mustang II Ghia

    My baby is a 1976 Mustang II Ghia ( Stella ). Just had her engine rebuilt ( 171 2.8l ). My husband and I are in the process of restoring her. Bought her for 150.00 at one of those donate your car to charity type places. Her paint is faded and her interior has seen better days. But she runs like a dream. Best car I ever owned.
  17. Wonderful and welcome aboard. Have any pics? :shrug: