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  1. Mustang II Ghia

    Having troubles getting the pictues to post. :shrug:
  2. CobraIIman is the moderator and he can help you. From my expierience, i take the photo (or scan it), then open MS photo editor, open the pic and click on resize on the toolbar. Cut the image by 50%. That works for me.
  3. 1976 Mustang II Ghia

    Thats a beautiful Cobra! Hoping to get one of those myself after I finish restoring my Ghia.
  4. Thank you. I'll try that.
  5. Thank you. I appreciate the nice comment.
  6. If you cant get them posted, email them to me and Ill post for you warpigs91@msn.com
  7. Thank you!!! Pictures are on there way.
  8. Let me know if they come through ok. If not I can send them again.
  9. Here you go mam

  10. Here is the other one you sent me

  11. :shrug: How did u do that? I couldn't get them to post. :shrug:

  12. Set-up an account at mustangmods.com and its free to upload 25 pictures, and then you can link to them on stangnet.
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  14. SWEET!!!!!!
  15. mine currently being gone through one end to the other. Stripe was a test of what I plan on doing.

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  16. 77 cobra II
    95 gt 5.0 h.o.
    tremec t-5
    8in rear end 4:10 minispool (locked)
    13,000,000 parts reciepts

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  17. 2muchtime,

    your car has that look to it. very nice ride.