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  1. My Stang

    Here's my contribution....at least what it should look like when i get it back together.....

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  2. I don't see anything?
  3. I had a couple more pic of my Dad car from the Ford Show back in October. I can't wait. The car is going to the paint shop in 3 weeks.


    Here is my dad 77 Mustang, My 68 Falcon, and are buddies 04 Undercover Dragster


  4. Damn You look good in tho's pic's i wish you lived in Ohio :bang: and your car is White even better :nice:
  5. As of right now I am in the middle of building up my Cobra II, I originally was going to put it back to stock with some factory upgrades, then I said heck with that and embarked on a journey to make it fast. At first I wanted to 4bbl it ad leave it alone but the discovery of how easy fuel injection was sent me down the road of computers and wiring. So . . . here it goes

    Originally 1978 Cobra II Black w/ red tri-stripes and red interior, for an engine it had a 2.8L V6 and an automatic tranny, oh and power steering and brakes that was it well. . . .It is getting a twin turbo 302 that is making 1000 HP at the flywheel, about 820 RWHP. Backing up the engine is the Midvalley 6sp. With external overdrive unit, 12 gears in all, for gas mileage. To top it off the engine does not run on gasoline, it runs on a common substance known as propane. As for the rear end it came out of a Crown Victoria, the ones with 4 link, and the axle wasn't narrowed. The body was widened to accept the axle, also allowing me to put on 11" wide rims of the 16" tall variedy. The front has been converted to 5 lug and the same Daytona steel rims, only 6" wide, are on the front. There is no chrome on the car allong with the door handles and locks, oh, and the filler neck for the gas. I am still working on it now and hopefully will have some pictures soon.
  6. I'd definately love to see pics of that beast. If you need any help hosting the pics, feel free to email them to me and I'll host them.

    my email is [email protected]

    Sounds like an awesome car!
  7. Thanks I might take you up on that
  8. How do you run a 302 crank in a 351 block? They use different main bearing sizes.
  9. Summit racing has a 351 block with a 302 crank size. . . . . well it is more like a 302 with a 351 deck height, that is how I am getting away with the seeminggly impossable.
  10. 351W's come stock with 3" mains, and FRPP/SVO as well as Dart have 351W blocks with 2.75" mains. If you'd like to show me this magical 2.25" main, 9.5" deck height block, I'd be amazed.

    PS, please post pictures of your made up twin turbo 78 cobra with a 302 crank in your 351W block, with 5-lug fronts, a crown victoria 4-link, and a custom widebody in the rear. Then when you post a picture you found on the internet or something that isn't even close to what you described, I can laugh at your sorry ass :nice:
  11. why do you have such a problem with me??? or is it just jelasy?

  12. YES!!!! We're all jealous over your amazing ride, please forgive us for doubting your 302 main 351 propane injected twin turbo tri intercooler widebody kitted mustang with a crown victoria rear...I dont know why we doubted you..

  13. I'm not gonna get into if it's legit or not, I hope it is, cause that'd be badass.

    I want to do a turboed II at some point. Turbo 393 would be fun.

    If you do have some pics on your comp, please email them to me at [email protected], I'll host them for you.
  14. Look - the only pictures Cobra TT has of his made up twin turbo setup is in his head. This car does not exist! Look at the kids posts ... he drives a stock Crown Vic. To be honest, if he would have come on stangnet and put "stock crown vic" in his signature instead of all the :bs: in his sign now, I would have at least had some respect for the guy. Cobra TT, you are posting this crap on a site where there are over 73,000 very knowledgable ford owners ... you will be quickly discovered if you are a fake. Here's what I suggest; never log on as Cobra TT again, instead create a new screen name like "VirginCrownVic" and post under that name with out all the crap. Don't waste everyone's time with made up combos. Lastly, you'll learn a lot more if you just read and ask questions rather than give advice to people who know more than yourself. Take my advice for what it is worth ... you WILL likely get harassed more and more because your lack of knowledge is more than obvious when combined with your seemingly lack for truthfulness. :notnice:
  15. You're right. I'm jelas if your awesome car. PS, my car is a 2003 buick regal, I grafted 14 honda B16 engines together and and using big block chevy crankshafts so I have the worlds first 56 cylinder honda/chevy that runs only on apple juice and chicklets. I have centuple (yeah, that's 100 times supercharged!!1) superturbocharged it with about 190 stages of intercooling, so I get IAT's (you know what those are, right? inlet air temperatures) that are around -15 kelvin. It makes give or take 197 thousand horsepower. I have converted it to 2 lug on the back with a special widebody hood, and I have a yugo 5-link setup in the back. I'm running a peterbuilt transmission with 2 overdrive units, so I have about 72 gears. I put all this power down through 26x15 custom made daytons out back, and 42" wagon wheels on the front. My car is dope, but you can't see any pictures of it because it's sitting in a pile in my garage!!!!1
  16. HAHAAHAHAA :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: I love this guy!
  17. All I will say is that you have set some very high goals, that seem to be almost unachievable without some serious cash (six figures) and professional fabrication facilities. I can't fault anyone for setting high goals and wish you the best on your project. Good luck and keep us informed on your progress.
  18. In one forum he says the car is in pieces, in another forum he is running 3 intercoolers and noticed a large decrease in engine temp, and the 351 engine with a 302 crank runs without problems. He has never claimed these are merely his goals but instead claims this car exists. :nonono: