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  1. so i noticed an update on the shaker radio prob. i wish we would have seen this when i replaced mine it took 3 calls to ford before my friend and i fixed it. this tells the tech how to reprogram the mod with the WDS unit
  2. thanks in advance if i may need this information.
  3. Whats the problems with the shaker?
  4. click on the link, it tells you.....
  5. I dont have Acrobat..so I cant open that file.
  6. maybe this helps

    2005 Five Hundred, Focus, Freestyle, 2005 Montego
    Mustang, F-150
    This article supersedes TSB 05-06-09 to update the If communication cannot be established with old
    service procedure. audio unit to download this information or if old
    audio unit is not available, as built data will need to
    ISSUE be entered. Use NGS+ or PDS scan tool to
    Some 2005 vehicles built before 2/24/2005, and complete the operation or follow the procedure
    equipped with a 6 disc CD player with MP3 below using WDS:
    capability (e.g. radio must have MP3 logo present),
    1. With radio (ACM) DISCONNECTED, start a may exhibit one or more of the following intermittent
    new WDS session (delete existing session if CD player concerns.
    • CD player skips repeatedly
    2. After WDS identifies the vehicle, select Toolbox • Locks up when playing certain homemade CDs
    > Module Programming > Programmable • Displays “Error” or “Bad Disc” repeatedly
    Module Installation > ACM.
    • Will not accept CDs
    3. Follow WDS prompts, connect radio (ACM) • CD inoperative or inconsistent playability of some
    when prompted to “install new module”, hit tic CDR media
    mark to continue.
    4. WDS will prompt for as built data. Enter as built
    • Obtain detailed description of symptoms reported data and finish following prompts until “module
    by customer. configuration successful” is displayed.
    • If issue only occurs with a specific CD, examine
    As built data can be obtained at the Professional the CD causing the concern. Confirm that it is in
    Technician Society (PTS) website or at good condition (e.g. CD is NOT chipped, warped,
    www.motorcraft.com. For additional information, scratched, labeled, or contaminated).
    refer Workshop Manual Section 415-01 and 418-01.
    • Replace radio with latest service level through
    your facing audio service center. PART NUMBER PART NAME
    SERVICE PROCEDURE -18806- Audio Unit
    When replacing the audio unit (radio) on 2005 WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of
    Freestyle, Five Hundred, Montego and Mustang
    New Vehicle Limited
    vehicles it is necessary to perform programmable
    Warranty Coverage
    module installation (PMI) prior to removal of the old OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME
    audio unit. This information must be uploaded into
    051019A 2005 Five 0.7 Hr.
    the new audio unit once installed. Failure to perform
    PMI on the new audio unit may result in inoperative
    Replace CD Player (Do
    backlighting and/or diagnostic trouble code (DTC)
    Not Use With 18805B Or
    B2477. It is not necessary to perform PMI on the
    F-150 or Focus.
    NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do
    the job properly and safely. It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper
    vehicle service. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a
    Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. Warranty Policy and Extended Service Plan documentation
    determine Warranty and/or Extended Service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the TSB article.The information in this Technical Service Bulletin
    (TSB) was current at the time of printing. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supercede this information with updates.The most recent information is
    available through Ford Motor Company’s on-line technical resources.
    Copyright ã 2005 Ford Motor Company PAGE 1
    TSB 05-10-19 (Continued)
    051019A 2005 Mustang: Replace 0.9 Hr.
    CD Player (Do Not Use
    With 18805B Or 18805C)
    051019A 2005 Focus: Replace CD 0.4 Hr.
    Player (Do Not Use With
    18805B Or 18805C)
    051019A 2005 F-150: Replace CD 0.3 Hr.
    Player (Do Not Use With
    18805B Or 18805C)
    18806 42
    PAGE 2
  7. I got my Mustangs shaker 500 replaced with the revised version a little less than a month ago... but even the revised "B" version still skips a little. Is this TSB anything different than the one that tells you to swap out for a different "B" version?
  8. no just a programing update
  9. by programming update do you mean something that the dealer does besides replacing the system to fix the skips? I have the "revised" version, but it still seems to skip some CD's. Is there anything to help me..?
  10. It looks like an update to the process the dealer goes through when trying to fix or update the player. It doesn't seem to be identifying any new problems.
  11. yea some cars wouldnt accept programing from the WDS when the radio was replaced and the light would not dime on the radio when the lights were turned on. this fixes that