Updated TCP G-Bar triangulated 4-link...

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  1. i have to add that everytime i see a pic of the G-Bar system and think about stuffing one under the 69 cougar i start salivating like a rabid dog....is that a bad thing?
  2. I stopped by TCP on monday and saw the new components and they are very impressive in person! I'm going to be using it again on my next build.
  3. I have settled now for the G-bar, I'll order one start of new year :)
  4. I think I'm in on the G-bar as well. Late spring, early summer I'll be ordering
  5. Def buying right after the holidays, cant wait to see how it performs under my circumstances.
  6. I can't afford an IRS, and I want to ditch the leafs.... ;)
  7. That's what I was thinking - I remember the pushrod system being talked about in terms of racing all the time. Also I hadn't realised you get the subframes and cross brace with the system - I always wondered whether you could get the setup with no mounting point for the torque arm - pretty stupid thinking I guess. The package doesn't seem all that much more expensive.

    Sorry for the late reply - I didn't get an email telling me someone had replied.

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  8. I am going to put one under my 69 Cougar as well. We used my car to test-fit the g-bar, and found that on 69-70 Cougars it will take a little cutting of the trunk floor. The plan is to have a template and a "patch" panel (for lack of a better word), that will come with the Cougar g-bars.
    By the way, my name is Tim, I'm new here, and I am in the office right next to Lino.

  9. oh, how much cutting is needed? do you have any pics of the surgery? not real thrilled about the prospect of having to cut on this car since it is a rust free original survivor, it needs paint and a lot of detailing but that's about it. if it's a really small section that need to be cut i might be able to live with that but if it's too big i may have to pass on the G-bar.

    got any pics of your cougar? i don't have any of mine right now since it's not totally mine yet and is still sitting in my buddies garage.
  10. It appears that you will have to cut a rectangular hole in the upward-sloping area between the fuel tank and the area where the shocks mount. I do not have pictures of that surgery yet, we don't have the patch panel built at this time. It will not be very large or very involved, and we will have a panel to weld back in, you really won't be able to tell it was done. I imagine you will be able to put the trunk mat back in, and nobody will be the wiser.

    I don't have a picture that is small enough to post, I will try to find one.
  11. Would running the G-bar system give you any more room for wider tires, compared to a leaf spring set up?

    If so, is it a big difference?

  12. You will have a little more room, because the arms are narrower than the stock leafs, but they do use the stock forward leaf spring mounts, and this keeps you from gaining too much room. Maybe 3/4"?

  13. that would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  14. Copied from post #31 of this thread:
    "...we are still working off the factory front leaf-spring mounts, so the arms are positioned 43" apart on center. This nets you about a 1/2" clearance since the lower arms are 1-1/2" OD compared to the 2-1/2" wide leaf springs. You're still looking at mini-tubs before the lower arm becomes a clearance issue."
  16. hey guys just i'd spread the word, Reenmachine ( www.reeenmachine.com )is getting set up as a TCP dealer and will be offering the G-Bar system at the same price that TCP has listed on their website but he will be offering free shipping on the system for now, pretty darn good deal if you ask me, just wish i could afford one right now and that i actually had the cougar here so i could start working on it.
  17. I just received two g-Bar systems this morning and the hardware looks awesome. Everything was packaged extremely well -- I've never had to use a pry bar to open a cardboard box before. Definitely nothing to worry about for international shipments.

    I'll try to post some pics later after I get everything unpacked.

  18. Hotrods To Hell Truck arm suspension

    O.K. guys, this looks like a TCP forum but have you seen this set up from HTH ?
    I have been looking for the right rear suspension for my 65 Comet street/strip car. Mostly street, occasional strip. TCP's G bar set up was my top choice untill I saw this. Now I don't know, HTH truck arm suspension sounds real good.
    I'm no suspension guru by any means so I'm looking for all the info I can get.
    Does anyone know about HTH's set-up ? Also Heidts 4 link w/ panhard rod has no mention here for a street set up yet it looks like a complete system for just shy of 1000. Heidts system looks like it would be better with a watts link as oposed to the panhard bar. So here's a couple systems that have no mention here, Is the Heidts 4 link just not very good ? How about input on Hotrodstohell.com ?, their claims for the truck arm suspension sound great to me.

    Jump in with any input. Yes, I'm new here and I signed up to get the type of info that is in this forum. I'm looking hard at front suspension systems along the same track. Heidts Super Ride, TCP's front coilover system, among others.
    It gets mind boggling trying to wade through it all. It seams a new system hits the market every year.
    Talking to the manufacturers doesn't help on decisions much. They wont tell you the downside of their products. I think shops like ReenMachine would be the best source of info on the systems they have installed. Shops that have installed several different suspension systems and know the pro's and cons of each system. How about a side by side comparison of ALL these systems, front and rear, as far as installation, best handling improvement for the money, what can take the abuse of everyday driving, last for 100,000 miles.
    For instance, is it true that the weld in mustang II type suspensions with the shock towers removed significantly reduced the strength of the front clip enough that the subrails will be bending and the car won't handle the stress of every day driving ? Are they for occasional drivers and show cars?

    I know I've gotten off the track a bit, but it's all aftermarket suspension stuff. The average Joe has a hell of a time picking the right set up with so little real world application info. I sure do. Comments ?
  19. Hi, and welcome to StangNet!

    This particular thread is about the TCP g-Bar/g-Link systems, but pretty much everything else you mention has been discussed at great length in other threads. There's a whole giant thread all about the Mustang II debate for example:


    There's been a lot posted about the Heidt's 4-link as well. For example:


    I do recall discussion about the HTH stuff so you should be able to find it with a search. Nutshell: probably great for drag racing (not that different from a ladder bar setup) but there isn't a road racing or OEM street car on the planet with this type of rear suspension.

    Thanks for the compliment, and feel free to call or email if you'd like my help choosing between some of these systems (not just what I sell either).
  20. the HTH system is basically what was used on early 60's to 72 chevy pickups and NASCAR still uses them to this day, mainly because weight jacking and suspension changes are so easy to adjust on these. should make for a great street/strip system as well if the car is more oriented to the strip, if it's more oriented to the street it may not be the best choice because you are going to run into all kinds of clearance issues with about everything under the car, especially the exhaust system.