1. This past week I built a little contraption that allowed me to pressure test my intercooler pipes and my intercooler with the air compressor. I found 6 pinhole leaks in my pipes and 1 pinhole leak in the intercooler. I got all those welded shut, which needless to say helped spool time. Now I get full boost right around 3300, which is not too bad, IMHO. I also moved the intercooler rearward in the car about 1.5" so now I can finally have stock turn signals again and the parking lights work! I'm a moron.. today I finally figured out that the vac line to the MAP sensor is not supposed to be plugged in!! haha It's amazing the difference in fuel delivery at WOT when it's a BAP! I now feel comfortable cranking the boost up. Changing lanes on a road in 2nd at WOT and full boost is a rather exciting experience lol.. I also have 3.73 gears ready to go in, just need to pick up the 2 pinion bearings and a pinion seal. I ran out of time this break and couldn't get it installed. I think it will make a pretty noticeable difference, even though it's a small change (3.55 to 3.73). It still idles like total crap, but thats another project for another time. I go back to school tomorrow, and have to use the Explorer for a few weeks, so work on the stang has ceased for 2 or 3 weeks.

    EDIT: once I get back to school tomorrow afternoon I'll have a few pics.. y'all might like to see what I had to cut and hammer to get the IC moved back.
  2. i have full 18psi at 2600 rpm, and a good 4 psi at 2000rpm. i think 3300 is way late especially for a ported head 3" exhaust and a stock t3 turbo.
  3. Is Brantley running a t3 that hard? :banana:
  4. haha yeah I'm squeezing it pretty well, but I think there's a bit more left in 'er!

    jman_b13, that's crazy.. what turbo and intercooler are you running? I think part of it is the volume of of the IC and pipes that it has to fill. Compared to 3600, full boost at 3300 is just great! Homwever it took me 2-3 months to find the leaks in my pipes, so who knows, there might be something else big that I'm missing that will take a while to find.
  5. dont forget that boost is a measure of pressure. more volume + less restriction (ported head) = less pressure for the same amount of airflow
  6. amanda's car has 17psi @ 2200 :nice:
    Did it 20 times today.
  7. That's insane! What turbo?
  8. I uploaded some pics here The mod job to get the IC moved back some is not pretty, but it sure works!
  9. standard t3 turbo with a .48 exhaust side. stock intercooler, 3" elbow,homemade 3" downpipe, 2.5" muffler ultraflow, gutted upper, matched lower.
  10. Full boost at 2200.
  11. Mine's the same w/ inline intake, only porting is the E6. Uses a 3 inch downpipe and exhaust. Still have the stock t3 elbow in place. I get a full 20 lbs boost at 2800 rpm.

    That's some good news Brantley! Keep it going, I need to ride in yours to see how different yours feels compared to mine.