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  1. Hey, just joined. I bought a 2010 Mustang GT, 3.73, manual, Black with 19" bright polished black wheel. I am seeking advice on exhaust upgrades, short throw shifter, and suspension.

    I am considering a full Pypes system, Roush short throw, and Eibach pro kit springs. These are at AmericanMuscle.com for a good price. Is there a better place to buy? The rep also told me that there are coupon code for 5-10% out there. Can someone please PM that to me?

    Thanks, glad to be a new member here!

  2. Best of the best:

    Magnaflow exhaust system: Ebay.....dont pay more than $517 shipped for a COMPLETE catback system.

    Suspension: Roush or Ford FR3. Roush you will have a hard time finding a deal on. The FR3 can be had brand new on Ebay for $1000+$175 shipping

    Short throw shifter: Best of the best: MGW

    Remember, you get what you pay for.
  3. Thanks, I think I might get the Magnaflow muffler delete axelback or the Magnaflow 3" catback? Any advice?
  4. The axle back muffler delete (magnapack) is really loud, but sounds really good. The mufflers in the non magnapack system sound nice and smooth, but not as loud.

    If you are going to do an axle back, you might as well spend the little bit extra and get the intermediate pipes from the cats to the mufflers too.

    UNless you plan on running 600hp, I wouldnt advise the 3" system. It would, more than likely, do more harm than good :)
  5. Thanks, I ordered the Magnaflow muffler delete today, then got some Pypes long tube headers with x-pipe.

    What do y'all think about springs. Eibach Pro Kit or Ford Racing Springs? I am also thinking about getting a tuner. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again!
  6. I dont think the strategies are out for tuners yet for the 2010 mustangs. That being said, you might have to wait on the tuner a bit. You cant go wrong with an SCT XCAL2 or 3.

    What magnaflow part no did you purchase? 16571?

    When did pypes start offering a longtube header/xpipe kit? Even on their main site, they only have shorties listed.
  7. Just saw the pypes long tubes and xpipe....but didnt see any cats offered with it?

    Please let us know about the fit and finish on the pypes headers....they are awfully cheap....in the literal sense.
  8. It was 16578. I will, gonna try to do a YouTube before and after as well if I have time when installing. They had two types of cats available.
  9. ah, you DID go with a true muffler delete....any reason why?

    Yes, please keep us informed on the PYPES install. Some pics of the headers when you get them also.
  10. It was between the magnapack and it, heard they both sounded great and it was a bit louder.
  11. I put the axle back on; sounds great. I tried to install the long tubes and had to wait because I didn't feel comfy lifting the engine. Gonna take it somewhere. I also need to order cats anyways, so I think I will do it all at once and hopefully get a tuner by then.

    I have seen a Diablosport MAFia F7370 tuner on eBay. Does anyone know if that would work on my 2010?
  12. My 2010 GT just got Pypes shorty stainless headers installed. I was going to do it until I saw how tight the clearances were. I do not have a lift, if you do it would not be bad - but still time consuming. My buddy has a '70 Cuda with a Viper GTS v10 in it. I used his engine guy and just paid to have the headers put on. It saved me a lot of trouble and busted knuckles. He had to jack the motor up, remove the steering intermediate shaft, and a bunch of other things to do this right. I would just pay someone you trust(if thats possible) and get it done quickly and right the first time. He said the Pypes headers were as good as any he's seen, we'll have to wait and see over time. So far, so good.....I will probably want the long tubes after someone puts out a tuner - but I could not wait!!!

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