Upgrade from speed density to maf?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by vcallis, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. I have a 88 lx and the only mod I have done is a slp catback exhaust. I need help, what should my next mod be? I'm considering upgrading to maf or installing headers/h-pipe. What should I do next? Thanks!
  2. It depends on your future plans. If you plan on keeping it just a bolt on car, you shouldn't need the maf conversion, but if you get into things like heads and a cam, then it will be necessary. Headers will do next to nothing to a stock or mild bolt on car, so I would bother with that. Either a high flow-catted h or x-pipe or off-road h or x-pipe should give you a little power. An off-road mid pipe will also make the car louder. There a couple free mods you should look into such as removing the air silencer in the stock airbox, and bumping the timing. I would also suggest and aftermarket shifter (I like mgw) assuming it's a 5spd. Rearend gears would also help the car out a lot.
  3. Honestly make a budget and a real plan on what you want.. I built a 12 second car 5 years ago that was stuck getting modded and barely into the 11's, so i finally sold the whole combo and went for big numbers....If i had it to do again though just for a low 12 high sec drivable car , I would go in this order... Off road H or X pipe, U/D pulleys, Gears, then shorty headers, Then go with Injectors and mass air, An intake, then heads N cam... Just an idea though. Like blackened said there are PLENTY of free mods... Oh and yes... If you do convert to Mass air try to find a donor car.. I bought the FRPP conversion kit and ended up ditching it for a harness...
  4. You can do any mods you want, just stay away from cams that produce under about 17in of vacuum. My car ran mid 13s spinnin the hell out of the street tires before I converted to mass air, I did actually feel a gain with mass air though and my idle quality got a little better. With that said, I believe that a mass air conversion is a good idea, but its not crucial and theres other things you could spend your money on.