upgrade suspension?

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  1. if i was to swap a TC motor into my 91 LX, do i have to upgrade my suspension? im probably going to drop the car an inch or so. and get new control arms all the way around. what else would i need to swap? i just want to drive the car everyday with somewhat good handling, it doesnt have to handle like a vette. right now i have stock suspension exect for the rear shocks (which according the previous owner are "heavy duty") :shrug:
  2. I would start with 5.0 sway bars; they will really wake up the handling. I don't know any of any lowering kits for jujst 1" though. I saw leave the control arms alone. the only 1 I would touch is the rear lower control arm, and I would only replace it with a control arm that has 1 sperical bushing, and 1 poly bushing. Anything else is going to create binding which gets you into trouble really fast (think SNAP oversteer).
  3. Subframe connectors. Bigger brakes, too. I'm building my chassis before my car gets fast....going with Eibach Pro-Kit ($50 :D), subframe connectors, and 5.0 front brakes with Hawk pads in just a few weeks. I'm planning to keep my stock shocks and struts until I get the money for some good ones like Konis or Tokicos or something. Only when the car can turn and stop will it get some added power.