Upgrade The 2004 Mach 1 Yk6 3650 Or Upgrade To T56

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  1. The T56 is very expensive to me. I would love to own one but then I must upgrade clutch/pressure plate/shifter. My 2004 Mach 1 was raced and when I bought it in May 2013 I new it had a 2nd gear synchronizer going out and that is all the transmission fells like that is bad to me. Don't know till I get in there. Was told yesterday buy a local shop they want $550 labor if I bring them my transmission myself and they do the bench work for just and I mean only the 2nd gear synchronizer. They think only FORD can get this part which would be expensive and I have not called to see. Here I have what appears to be a nice kit for the 3650 and so I ask you guys/gals of StangNet what you think. Like this kit? http://www.ddperformance.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=243cPath%3D110_125 or do you feel like me that is a lot of money for a kit. Do you have a better kit or better suggestion for the price? Thoughts appreciated. If I build this I will not have to change short shifter and such to accommodate the T56. I could wait about six months and do a T56 but that is a stretch but I can wait. v/r Skystang
  2. Just rebuild the 3650. I personally think t56's are a waste of time. Plus all the odd parts you have to acquire to make it happen.

    It depends on what you want to do with the car. Race it? daily, etc..
  3. Thanks for the input. Didn't think anyone was going to say a word......... I've been thinking a lot about this and pretty much in line with your thoughts. I have found a good local shop and going to have them go through it and keep the same setup but us a good upgrade kit. Your right, lots of additional stuff to deal with on the T56 conversion IMHO.
  4. There is an entire thread here dedicated to the 3650. If you rebuild it, I would suggest getting the yk6 kit from D&D Performance. I was gonna do that, but decided against it due to the 3650 first gear. I've driven farm trucks with taller first gears. Installing a TKO600 next week. Gonna be nice to have second again.
  5. Thanks JM........ I don't know much about this stuff yet but with these kind of inputs I'll read up. I've heard TREMEC upgraded second from a square gear to a different type due to hard to get into 2nd in cold weather. I'll read up and search on the 3650 thread as suggested. Guess I should have done that first. I've seen the TKO600 on a Florida site called ProMotion Performance and actually talked to them but was only talking 3650 and they have a nice unit or two. So the TKO600 is a direct replacement? had D&D site saved months ago and could not believe the $849.00 price. ProMotion has about the same kit as well. I know the old saying.... you get what you pay for. An old man once told me "the bitterness or poor quality lingers long after the cheap price is forgotten". Very true. Thanks for the info and I'll read up tomorrow.

  6. I have the YK6 Upgrade in my 3650. I had D&D and Walsh Motorsports do the install back in 2011. Ive been very pleased with the kit. No 2nd gear grinds at all! The car has been boosted since 2012 as well.
  7. 02, that is exactly what I'm going to do as soon as my should gets well from surgery. I hope to pull it out and have the kit ready at that time and have a builder go though it. Thanks much for your inputs.........

  8. Well, I bought a TREMEC T-56 complete setup for my Mach 1 and now to put her in. Be up and running before long. Just had shoulder surgery so a little wait till I move forward. The 3650 will eventually be for sale and I'll maybe have the 2nd gear syncro fixed prior to putting a price on it.
  9. Darn shoulders. Seems like they take forever to heal. I'm considering a t56 for my '04 GT, and you're right, they're awfully pricey. Where did you get yours? Did you buy a kit, or will you source the parts separately? Which gear set did you decide on? I'm real interested to hear how this swap goes for you! I expect you'll have a truly impressive vocabulary of cuss words by the time the last nut is torqued...
  10. Well, I decided on the T56. Drove to Texas and picked one up that was a great unit. Setup for my 04 Mach 1 and came with MCloud Stage two Clutch and Pressure Plate, cross member and an Aluminum Cobra Flywheel and I just bought a new Friction Plate for that unit as well. I have purchased new Ford Racing TOB and Pilot Bearing. Almost ready to do the swap just at my age and cold weather I don't get in a hurry. Shoulder is doing well but not great. I'm thinking my friend with a lift will be better then me on my back on cold concrete..... Yeah! Oh, Gear Ratios: 2.66 1st; 1.78 2nd; 1.30 3rd; 1.00 4th; 0.80 5th; 0.63 6th; 2.90 reverse. She is also a 26 spline. All for $1800 and some gas and a road trip. It came with the very nice shifter as well. I'll post up once I get it going.
  11. Nice find! I guess since it came with a Cobra flywheel, it came out of a Cobra? Do you need to use a spacer to extend the driveshaft?
  12. Yes a Cobra is what it came out of. Just jumped into my son's GT today to install the 1 1/2" Lower kit I got him for Christmas. Good test for the old shoulder and I passed. Easy job. Pulled the Mach 1 in the garage today to start the swap as my Oldest Son will do with our very good friend and his nice garage with the lift. Not having done this before I'm not sure about your comment on the spacer but all will be done with perfection and quality parts. Already contacted our local driveline experts and will fit the driveshaft with new Spicer U's and balance if we have to change the yoke. Will have it all buttoned up soon as they will pull the motor out due to long tube headers and the 3650 does not clear. Good time to clean if anything is dirty and I suspect it will be a little bit. So, I'll take pics and let you know about the existing FORD Racing Aluminum drive shaft goes in conjunction with the swap. I'm sure this will be a blessing once done. Everything is already prepped as of 19:30 hrs local Colorado time. Ready for about 8 hrs of labor.

  13. Ok, i'm jealous! How did you find this transmission? I've been looking at ebay and craigslist, but i haven't seen a deal like yours. Best i've come up with
    so far is $3650, and i don't need to ponder much to know what my spouse would say about that... Me: "Honey, it's a safety thing. If i'm going to let the boys drive
    this car, i want to know it's going to be safe". Spouse: "You should make it bigger too, because if you spend that much you're going to be living in it".
    Are you linked into an auto salvage network or something?
  14. KMax, the transmission was located from a good friend that has the nice garage and lift. He found it on FACEBOOK somehow and I drove to TX and purchased from a guy that was between jobs. Guess it was a good deal as it was the best price we found. So my son and our friend pulled the motor out this morning and he made it look easy. He accomplished a leak down/compression test just to make sure everything inside was happy and it was. Only about 68,000 miles on the Mach 1. So the yoke on the Mach 1 was 26 and fits right up to the T56 and overall length from 3650 vs T56 is the same and should be no problem on fitment of the FORD Racing driveshaft. Happy about that. I trust my friend has it well under control and glad I'm not even having to touch it just as any old dad does I'm buying the fluids. Engine.jpeg

  15. KMax.... well I guess you were waiting on this. Folks was right on the driveshaft needs shortened. The measurement when the entire engine/3650 was pulled was rough. It will need shortened. My friend is just about done and all coming together now and just cut the shaft and waiting on lower radiator hose from American Muscle since no one in Colorado Springs had one not even the dealer. Looking forward to seeing my sons face when he fires her back up and pushes that stiff McLoud clutch pedal in for the first time. Maybe it want be that bad.
  16. Ah, that's what it was, gotta shorten the driveshaft. I'm impressed at how easy your son and friend are making this look. I've got my GT up on jack stands,
    and i've been figuring out how to remove the k-member and A-arms. I've got a set of long-tube headers i want to put on, and it looks like that's the only way.
    I'm still searching for a t56 deal like you got! I see you've got LT headers, does the steering shaft go between the pipes? How much heavier is the McLeod clutch? Is it easy to find a shop to balance the driveshaft after you shorten it?
  17. Kmax, my friend Mike that is doing this for us is on this sight and I think may chime in for your questions. However, I think you will find that dropping the engine will be the right path as watching Mike and he does make it look easy but years of practice makes perfect. Good luck on the deal and hope you do find one. The long tubes have a great sound great. I looked under the car tonight and yes the shaft goes between the tubes/pipes and Mike said a pain in the arse! The clutch is not much different then the stock Mach 1 setup. We have driveline services here in town and I'll be there in the AM when the open and have some SPICERS U Joints put in as well. Indication is drop it off in the morning and out by the evening for everything. Should be up in a few days. No rush here and just lucky to have a friend with shop/lift/skills to make this all come together. Else I would be crawling on my old back on cold concrete and having a fit over it. I'm thankful for good people to help out and lead/guide my son and show him the ropes on the tougher jobs.
  18. Skystang, how's the project going? Got any photos of the procedure? I hope all is going smoothly...