Upgraded IRS half shafts???

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  1. Does anyone make them and if so, how are they priced compared to solid axle shafts?
  2. For what year Cobra?? If you're NOT talking about an '03 (99+) you can go to Ford and get the beefier GKN half-shafts that come stock on the '03. If you are wanting to upgrade the stock '03 shafts there are a couple places making/selling stronger assemblies. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $750 a set on up depending....

    Straight axle is a different story. You could go over to the coner-carvers forum, there are Mustang owners there who will swap you rear ends. Their straight axle set-up for your IRS. Of course there will be minimal tweaking involved to complete the swap...

  3. If you have a 99 Cobra, I have a set of GKN Stage III 1/2 shafts for sale....look new, less than 1,000 miles on them. I decided to go to a solid axle.

    All 1/2 shafts for Ford are made by GKN (from my understanding). For awhile, there were companies that would take the GKN shafts and strengthen up the weak points....hense, the "stage III".

    E-mail me if you are interested. [email protected]
  4. Thanks guys. I have a 02 supercharged GT. Some guy wanted to trade the rear end from his 03 Cobra, which was appealing for the bilstien shocks, gearing and brakes, not to mention the less unsprung weight. However. I'm going to be drag racing next year and cant afford to brake an axle. I'll just upgrade my solid axle and go from there. Thanks again all.
  5. If your drag racing the solid axle is the only way to go. Thats what I do with mine but I might not have enough money to swap out the irs this winter, so I started checking into better halfshafts to get me through a season!

    Good Luck!
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  7. Ford parts network has the 03 shafts for less than 300 each...they're pretty good. These are a direct bolt in to the 01 cobra differential, but not the 99 since the side gears are different.
  8. Less unsprung weight!? LOL! He was smoking crack man! The IRS is WAY beefier weight wise that a straight axle set up! Like 100lbs more heavy or so.

  9. The 03 halfshafts is a direct bolt in swap on 01's ? I thought the spline count was different :shrug: I think I'm just gonna swap a 03 rearend in mine, I think the whole setup would be an upgrade over mine.
  10. The 03 shafts are a direct bolt in to the 01 IRS, but not the 99. The 03 are 31 spline, and the 01 are 31 spline. The 99s, however, are 28 spline, and will not work with the 03 shafts unless you swap the side gears. There is no difference in the diameter of the inner stub shaft that goes into the side of the pumpkin between the 03 and 01. I've seen this swap done with my own eyes, and know several cars taht are running around with the 03 shafts in a 01 31 spline pumpkin.
  11. So are the 03 shafts that much better than the 01's? Would it be a waste of money to swap in a 03 IRS in mine? I found one here in town for under 1000.00
  12. All I know is I just picked up a brand new spare hs for next season in case I don't get my solid installed in time. The 03 hs is heavy and solid as hell! I haven't broke a hs yet but my guess is the guys that are breaking them got to be wheel hopping the **** out of there cars.
  13. Not so much wheel hopping, just real sticky tires and high rpm launches.

    I want the 03 IRS for my car. I plan on a P1SC and a T-56 as well and be happy with that. My project 1/4 mile car will be a mod motor into a '88 Turbocoupe. I've never had a project car so this will be exciting for.

    As for the car, I know it's heavy but I had one along time ago and loved the looks of it. It'll be gutted as much as possible, it'll be fun and different, and that's what I want.
  14. Im not sure thats exactly the case. My friend made over 50 passes on his 03 this year with et streets and dumping the clutch from 6k. Nothing broke! My best times were with his wheel and tire set up launching the same way and I never broke anything even after some wheel hoping f1 runs. I still think its wheel hop!!!

    Im sending you a pm about something.

  15. The 03 shafts are stronger than the 01 shafts. I've seen 11 second runs on them, but they will eventually break if treated this way.
  16. hey grey02, i hope to run into you when i get my 03 cobra, it wil be cool to run against a superchargered gt