Upgraded to Mach 460 but no bass!

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  1. I have a 2002 GT and decided I wanted the 6-disc changer, so I bought a mach 460 head unit on ebay - easy install as per other messages in this forum. To my dismay there is no bass coming out of the system - I realize in retrospect that the mach 460 head unit needs more than just the standard issue speakers to work. I am not a stereo and/or wiring kinda guy so please respond low tech, but need some suggestions as what I should do. I am poor and want to keep it looking stock. Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. You're saying you just have the stereo and nothing else for the Mach 460? The stereo itself is just your standard radio Ford puts in cars. What makes the Mach system is the amps and subs. If you want base go get a Bazooka bass tube. I bought a 8 inch amplified tube (EL8A) at Circuit City for 80 bucks to put in my Probe. It has an excellent thump and is a great price to boot. Installation is pretty easy but if you feel like you don't want to tackle it they can install it for like 40 bucks. Only drawback is you will take up some space in your trunk but I can live with that.
  3. Yes I only have the head unit for mach 460 - nothing else. I have seen the back speakers, shelf, and amps on ebay - will this solve my problem - will I also need a wiring harness?
  4. Eww...I think you are buying yourself trouble. I may be wrong and the installation may go off without a hitch but I think you would be better off just going completely aftermarket instead of buying a Mach system. There are remote turn-on wires for the amps that would have to go from the head unit to the amp shelf for it to work properly so you would need the entire harness from the head unit to the amps. The Mach also has an amp under the console for the front speakers so i don't kow how this would effect your particular set-up. I believe the 6 disc changer is a good idea since you want to keep everything stock looking. As for adding an amp and sub or other speakers you should strongly consider just getting a good aftermarket set-up. How much is the Mach amp tray selling for? When you said you have no bass is there none at all or just not what you expected?
  5. It sounds like the factory speakers on my laptop! I have seen entire rear shelf, with speakers and amp for $50ish, but this is without the wiring. I am guessing that the other set of pins on the back of the head unit are for such wiring? Might just go to junk yard, if I get the rear shelf unit, speakers (rear), amps, and wiring (not too concerned about front tweeters) will it sound as good as the other factory (i.e., 1 disk non mach system) setup. Not looking to bounce my mirror off with bass like in my neighbor's honda, just looking for decent sound.

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  6. ummm if ur trying to upgrade to the mach 460... heres what the 460 is... deck has 60 watts only... that is normally used to run the 4 tweeters that the 460 has... 4 tweeters and 4 5x7 speakers... the 5x7 are played by the two amps in the trunk that are under that pannel in the trunk... i know this because i ripped mine out... deck, amps, speakers, and pannel... if u wanna purchase any of it PM me and ill see what i can do... was planning on selling on ebay because i have a lot of things ive taken out of my car