Upgrading heads on 04 GT

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mustanggt108, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. do you guys think its wise to change my stock heads with something else?
    I got a 04 GT. if its a good option , which heads should i get, and how much rwhp will i get out of doing so??
  2. Do you mean should you get some Ported heads?
    What are your plans?
    Foxlake seems to be the hot ticket rigth now I think Patriots took care of the QC issue they had and I'm sure there are a bunch more places doing them too.
    If I were to do some I'd want to do cams at the same time and that means a good tune. So with me doing all the install myself I'd drop around 2700 into it and from what I've seen people are getting 30+ (heard of as high as 100) RWHP NA for all that. Just the heads with stock cams maybe 40 not sure never seen anyone do that and about 1500 bucks.
  3. i was thinking ported heads with VT stage 1 cams!!!
    what gains might i see with this set up ?
    and do i HAVE to tune it?
    coz i heard stage one cams dont require a tune
  4. I just put Patriot stage 2 heads and cams on my 01 steeda.. went from 248 RWHP to 336 RWHP. spent about 3000 including tune.... it was well worth it to me. going stroker shortblock now :D
  5. Thats cheaper than a supercharger.:nice: How does you car run, and what are your supporting mods.
  6. That makes me a happy man. I have a set oftheir cams on the way.

  7. 336rwhp :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: I would like to see a full list of mods please. :eek:
  8. car runs great.. idle was brought up about 100 rpm.... i have underdrive pulley's and full exhaust. it has great response and pulls like a mule.

  9. What cams and what is your exhaust setup, do you have a dyno. I would like to see the torque curve. Do you have gears? Thanks
  10. yeah i got 3.73's. i will have to get the sheet scanned.. my scanner no worky lol. the specs for the cams are on patriots website. stage 2's. my tuner is awesome though. i never got it dyno'ed after his first tune on my car. he does street tunes and goes by the numbers instead of HP. He is very well known and does alot of top race cars.

    I'll get that scanned when i remeber and post it up.:nice:
  11. Will it pass emissions?

  12. with the O/H.. no.. .but here in my small town... YES lol
  13. sounds high to me, patriot st2 heads flow about the same as others st1 heads. I'd like to know the rest of your mods. Justs exhaust P&P heads and cams isn't going to get you to 336RWHP on a 2V. You'll need intake, high comression shortblock, electric waterpump etc etc so i'm calling :bs:
  14. call it all ya want... doesnt change my car.
  15. Post your dyno run and prove him wrong then!
  16. Go to another dyno unless you like throwing those inflated numbers out there. There is no way those mods got you to 336rwhp. Something is not right with the dyno you ran on. You should be right around 300.
  17. No but it does tell us that either you or your tuner inflated your numbers. Did he give your RWHP or some flywheel estimate?
    I'm not calling you a liar, but that hp doesn't seem possible with your mods. These cars do vary and you may have a factory freak, but 336 RWHP is something I have never seen with simple mods. That's why everyone here is either going to call :bs: or they are thinking it.
    Just post a dyno graph or track times or some more explaination into why you have that kind of hp. We need concrete evidence.

    BTW my car makes just over 5 billion hp due to my stage 69 ram air CIA setup.:rolleyes:
  18. im calling major bs!!!! my mods crush yours, im nowhere near 336 rwhp. that is total crap. another guy on here hotmustang also has similar mods to me, which also chrush your mods, and hes making 3 more rwhp then me at 293rwhp. we should hear him chime in soon.

    anyway if you were to get p&p heads and stage 1 cams you will gain around 30-50 rwhp depending on the parts. i gained 35 rwhp from my set up.