Upgrading heads on 04 GT

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  1. I guess I do not understand why you are so keen on replacing your heads. This is not something that you hear a lot of people doing except on NPI cars. With your list of mods, heads does not seem to me like the next logical and cost effective step :shrug: Maybe I am missing something...?
  2. okay Kg, tell me then.What should my next logical mod be.Keep in mind that L/T's and cams will be on the way soon.I got nothing left but FI or nos
  3. I would spend the heads and longtubes money on "Tim's S/C'ed Mongoose Kit" immediately if I were you :D

  4. this is what i am doing...mmm tax return is comming soon :D
  5. that graph that steda guy was posting does not even make sense for a lt-1 car.. the power drops off at too low of rpm and too fast.. maybe a lightly supercharged npi 4.6 ???
  6. that was my 01 steeda last year.. I dont know, maybe a f'ed up Dyno :shrug: .. We will see when I get my car back.. I will put it back on that machine and 1 other... I think the other is a mustang. I am just going by the numbers i have.


    there she is on the dyno... why do i keep arguing this sheesh:rolleyes:
  7. why do you keep calling it an 01 steeda...its a damn mustang GT...stop being a ricer.
  8. Because it is a Steeda just like a Bullitt is and a Rousch is. It was built By Steeda.. number 5 of 100... quite being a jerk off :Zip2:

    This coming from a guy with a arms length of mods that add up to nothing.
  9. i'll let you think they add up to nothing...but i can assure you i make more power than you do.
  10. :lol: .. i guess you didnt read about the heads cams and now forged block??

    sorry a CAI and TB arent gonna cut it. Sheesh and you guys say I was wrong?:rlaugh:
  11. like i said, if you THINK thats all i have, then you are mistaken...for your info i'm 60rwhp over your bogus claim...so please go play elsewhere with cars in your league.
  12. and i just bought a forged block to run N/A.. yeah... believe that. ill have a 150 shot myself... dont try to play the e-race game. Nobody wins
  13. no e-race, ive ran my car and know what it does...you havent...you can have all the power you want, if you cant put it down you'll get nowhere.
  14. Problem is dude, YOUR A NEWB! You come in here posting crazy #s, now once you get a little slack you have a forged SB going in next week or whatever lol. Just sounds like someone who is making stuff up. And yep with no LT headers your not going to be making THAT much power. I too say 300-305RWHP MAX. After your built motor (sure) you will hit about 320-325 at best.
  15. ^ and whats that supposed to mean? You have nitrous?
  16. if your talking to me.. yes i will have Nitrous.. I havent had it until now.. but after the car is done I will.

    And I understand I am a newb here.. I have been a lurker for a long time and wanted some help deciding on an engine so i finally joined. You may be right man, I might have gotten a bad Dyno.. but I am just saying what I have been shown.

    Lets look at this another way since my car is under the knife right now. I know calculators are just estimates and tools to be used, but look at an estimator for a 3700LB car (which is what mine weighs with me in it). To cut a 13.6 it says you need about 290 Crank HP. Take the 15% loss and you end up with 246. I dont know.. you have me second guessing, but everything in my car points to the Dyno was right. When I had that Dyno, I had not yet had a tune, and My car did fall on its face in the upper RPM.. turned out I was WAAAYYY lean. After the tune it ran better up top. :shrug:

    but here are some links about the ET/HP argument

    My run http://members.cox.net/joseph.kennedy/spike_5.wmv (edit to add correct file)

    my timeslip for the 13.66 http://members.cox.net/pitbull23/1366timeslip.jpg

    and a link to a calc http://www.modularfords.com/calculators.php?c=5

    I know this is all talk until i get the car back and on a dyno... but hey thats what a forum is for, talk.

  17. yes. they bolt on. you need some other parts with it.

    of course cams,valve covers, front cover, make adapter plates for your exhaust manifolds/headers,intake manifold,TB from 351w with idle circuit and 1/4" adapter plate. we aren't talking pennies, but if you are going to spend 1500.00 or more then wait for them to hit boneyards or e-bay and make 05 power.
  18. :rlaugh: all you did was find another guy who strapped his car down on an innaccurate dyno. take a look at his three runs.

    Now you just dont gain 40RWTQ out of the blue lol. That dyno was also jacked. these cars have a VERY simular patter when stock/mildly modded. These cars just dont vary that much, they are designed to be very consistent. And they are.
  19. yeah i thought that was kinda fishy.. I dunno.. I hope I am right lol... but even if I end up with 300 to 315.. I am still going to be happy. I found a mustang Dyno close by today. I'll use him next time. I got a question. I bought a block with flat tops that is suppose to bring me to around 10:1... how much boost, if I decided to go that route could I safely run intercooled? I have heard alot of conflicting stories.