Upgrading heads on 04 GT

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  1. oh and I think I might know why I got faulty numbers.. if I did. When they hooked my car up they had a hard time getting what I guess is the timing to read. So they went by RPM and speed. does that make sense?

    I also noticed on his dyno he has speeds on the graph, same reason maybe?
  2. flat tops are going to bring you higher then 10.1, more like 12.1 ish with flat tops on a 2V. My PI swap has me @10.3 to 1 and my NPI pistons have some dish in them...don't remember how much but not quite flat tops...so flat tops and boost is a bad idea. add lots of nitrous.
  3. Yeah but I got the heads ported and they claim that dropped it considerably. I'll have to check on that, but say it is 10:1.. what would I be looking at? 8psi intercooled?
  4. Enough with the flames. I think 01Steeda understands that his dyno may have been wrong.

    Keep it to tech or the thread goes away.
  5. Just makes me mad I blew money on what could be bad dyno's. :mad:

    but does 13.6 sound right for a vert with U/D'S and Gears?
  6. ported heads will maybe drop your compression 1/2 point. if your truely at @10.1 and have forged internals you could run a centrifugal supercharger. The higher compression with assist with power when boost isn't high. Roots/Twin screws are not recommended with high compression even forged. 8.5 to 1 is good for positive displacement blowers. I personally wouldn't push much boost through even a forged engine @ 10.1 to 1 compression if you want it to last long.
  7. Thanx, my plans right now are a 100 to 150 shot.. but just wanting to know all the routes i could take.
  8. high compression and 100-150 shot is the way to go!
  9. Exactly! N20 is the way to go with that kinda motor. And we arent really flaming, I believe he dynoed his car and those were the results. But my point is for him to get another.

    And the mustang dyno isnt an accurate way to compare #s either LOL, it goes by weight entered along with ALOT of other variables. it reads LOW in most cases...but GREAT for tuning. Call up some car dealeships and see which has a dyno...like the super centers should all have dynos. 13.6 is a good time for those few mods BTW.
  10. Thanks.. and other than Justin, I didnt take anyone else as flaming.

    sorry didnt realize he had removed that video.. here it is on my webspace[email protected]
  11. :rlaugh: and just between you and me im a little sceptical about his info too LOL. His car seems VERY fast for what it has...maybe its the weather, I dont know. I always question when things are out of the ordinary (we see SOOO many dyno graphs and ETs you know)...nothing personal at all. :nice:
  12. i do run n20 yes, the car went [email protected] in the 1/8th on a 125shot with DR's and a 2.01 60'

    with an xcal tune, 104 octane and a catback the car went [email protected] with a 2.03 60' they arent made up, the car dynoed 241hp/296tq at the time of the 13.6 run and dynoed 394hp/476tq on the 125shot n20 makes a ****ton of tq which drops of extremely fast after the initial hit..

    edit- and i do run at a track that has an elevation of 12feet...so that does help.
  13. How did you see that post? :shrug: :rlaugh:

    No i didnt really think you were making it up, just knew there were other factors @ work:D. Now I know them hahaha....and 12' helps alot lol. I tend to forget that not everyone lives in Tx and runs on a track that 688 ft MSL. LOL. No offence whatsoever intended...I figured you ran at a close to sea lv track.
    Just showing the guy that im not picking on him lol, and that ill question anyone. But once the factors and/or proof is shown I will quickly accept it...like I said, I picture everyone at my track lol.
    I even backed down from the guy that went mid 12s @ 113 with a 50 shot on a GT that just had full exhaust, because the presented factors put it in the "possable range". Yours was always WELL into that range...just a little higher than normal thats all. Heck, I hardly believe my own times :rlaugh:
  14. You ran 13.6 on the gas? Or was that before the N20?
  15. No, he runs mid/high 7s in the 1/8 on the gas...thats at or approaching 11s in the 1/4 I believe. Just as an FWI, I run an 8.2 @ 86.X in the 1/8.
  16. kewl.. i was just wondering, i just talked to my engine builder and gunnar @ patriot. Looks like with the right gaskets and the piston being 5 in the hole.. i should be @ 9.6:1 or with factory gaskets and 0 10.9:1. So I gotta decide wether I am gonna get a blower anytime soon.
  17. no offense was taken...yea 7.70's is getting close to 11's, they can range from 11.9x-12.0x depending on how the last 1/2 of the track goes...

    and i know about hard to believe times Mr 12.79 ahaha...ive been able to get this car down to 8.50's on street tires with 1.9' 60's but even with DR's i wont wanna launch it much harder, not looking to grenade my rear end...so i doubt the times would improve a whole lot....time for some heads/cams i guess...weird...back the original point of this thread...
  18. This guys going to come back and be like "WOW 4 pages!" . Half way down pg 1 "what?" Pg2 "Shut up guys!" Pg 3 "NOOOOO!!!" Pg 4 "AARGGGG!!!!...wait one little tech piece" lol

    Ok dude, this completely depends on what you want to do with the car. If you want alot of power fast, get a supercharger. N/A is definatly not for everyone, takes ALOT of work to just get where im at. A properly driven and N/A setup Head/cam/ FULL bolton GT on slicks can go a 11.9 @ 111-113ish. Bout as fast as a S/C GT with mild boltons. About the same money if you do it all yourself (depending on the s/c kit also). If a consisten and very reliable mid 12sec car is what you want, then go with a H/C/I setup. If you want more power down the line you can do like Adrenln and get blower cams now with the heads, then add the S/C later. Or you can just get a supercharger if you want to QUICKLY and EASILY have a 12 second car, then add all the boltons and you should be in the 11s pretty easy. But you will need to start saving for a differnt engine because a S/C motor wont last forever you know lol, little bit of detination and its gone. Ahhh SOOO many choices :D .
  19. :rlaugh: Yeah thats gotta be aggrevating.. but it took 4 pages to get the right tech... atleast he got it lol.

    I got another que... nevermind I'll start a new thread lol.