Upgrading heads on 04 GT

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mustanggt108, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. blow it dude

    dude stick to 10:1. you can still blow the hell out of it. propper cam to bleed low rpm's cylinder pressure, VERY good intercooling (air-water), and engine managment to handle all situations.don't piss away output because of misnomers about C/R. sure pre-ignition happens, but there are factors you can control. reflective coatings, smoothed chamber surfaces, cool plugs, a slightly rich mixture to quench hot spots, etc. intercooling overkill. that's the ticket.
  2. No, bad advice. You need to build the engine for the applications. If you already had a built engine, then that would be one thing. If you're building an engine, build it properly. It would be foolish to do otherwise.
  3. Just as reference to the flat top and ported head equation. My numbers in on my sig.Stock intake. Yes I know they are STD but deal wtih it :). I compare numbers on my car, so I dont really car about others.

    this is one messed looking dyno. What is with all the inaccurate dyno's popping around??
  4. come on dude. humor me.

    he can run higher compression with the proper matched cam, and other components.

    i wouldn't want to melt a piston. for a supercharger i am more likely to keep most of the compression.
    the roush blower for the 5.4 3v doesn't require a lower C/R.
  5. Who, me? Yea, I think you can do that in a race application and run race gas and make a lot of power. :nice: Probably not the best setup for a street car.
  6. mogs, whats with the big power jump between your runs? what did you add?
  7. You mean the dyno in my sig?
    nothing much, build mark 8 block: manley rods, stock GT crank, Ross flat top pistons, .020 bore, cobra pump. That's all :).
  8. That's probably me, I have a Steeda CAI, Accufab T/B & Plenum, Steeda Intake Spacer, UDP, TA, VT Stage 1 Cams, Bassani Mid Lengths, Bassani X Pipe, Steeda Cat Back, 3:73's, Superchips Tune, MPH Stage 2.5 Heads all tuned by Steeda Autosports and my car puts down 310rwhp and 325rwtq. Prior to the heads and header install and the retune my car made 284rwhp and 302rwtq. With the install of the cams alone and a retune my car gained 33rwhp and 13rwtq.
  9. 336RWHP!!

    I have a 01 S-281 Vortech Supercharged, 3:73 Gears, Long tube headers, 60lbs Injectors, X-pipe and a custom tune and it dyno'd 336rwhp at the wheels...so there is no way urs is the same with just cams and heads