Upholstery Upgrades using Stock Fox Frames!!

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  1. Hello All,

    Below is a diagram explaining what I've found to possibly be the best kept secret involving Fox Mustang Interiors. Basically, the diagram shows that your stock low back and stock high back seats are easily upgraded. Some upgrades simply involve new upholstery, some involve new foam buns and new upholstery over top of old frames. Either way, this diagram will go to show just how versatile your stock Fox frames can be. For instance, all of you guys with the standard low back LX seats can easily upgrade your seats to be a 90's Sport GT bucket by simply changing your foam and your upholstery!

    Check it out and let me know if you have any questions! :nice:

    Waylon Krumrie
    Sales Manager
    TMI Products Inc.


  2. Basically.

    This seat:

    Can become this seat using only new foams and upholstery. Frame stays the same:
  3. i like the black suade
  4. WOW !! Best news YET !!!
  5. Can anyone tell me how to get the headrest off a 1993 convertable with taking the seat apart?
  6. Nice seat upholstery!
  7. You might be able to simply pull this one out - you can on some of the earlier models - and it pretty much depends on how tight the holding spring is. To do so. push the headrest down, then forward, and pull up and back. Mentally picture you're trying to get the clamping spring to let go, and slide the headrest retainer over and out of the holding pin. it's tough.

    I can say, a 93 is going to have that plastic holding sleeve - allowing for little to no wiggle room - you may just have to remove that cover - or use a really long screw driver to blindly compress the spring and pop the headrest out.

  8. I would caution you before buying from TMI. Make sure you call before placing an order to make sure they have the cloth you need. I ordered a set of upholstery for my SVO back in December 2011. I waited around till February, they never got the cloth for the seats and could not give me an ETA. I called and canceled my order.


  9. Dan - I do apologize for the long lead time - but as I'm sure everyone on here would guess - NOS SVO 'Dotted' Cloth is not available in production from any source. We have been attempting to have this material recreated by many different sources - but none have been able to recreate to our particular specifications (We're picky! - but it's in everyone's best interest that we stay that way!). Beyond this very special and rare material - we fully stocked and ready to roll -
  10. Hey there - yes to the first question and a no to the second. We can easily two tone the 99-04 buckets no problem - contact customer service at 800-624-7960 if you'd like any samples to be sent out. But putting the 99-04 pattern into the '86 wouldn't fit. However - we CAN do a two tone on the stock 86 rear seat pattern just like the 99-04 buckets - so the pattern may be off, but the colors will match. Thanks - W
  11. ok thanks for the response ...... I already got the front seats in the picture and modified them to work in the fox ....... so now my only question is how much for u the make a rear seat cloth in the pattern above for a 86 hatch rear seats?
  12. my upholstery came from TMI im very pleased with it!.... its 7 years old and still look great i have the 1987-89 GT & LX ARTICULATED SPORT SEATS in grey
    heres a crappy pic of my interior
    heres a better pic
  13. price list???
  14. I have the 87-89 highback and want to eventually get your SVO mach I sports seat upholstery and foam BUT, I do see that the headrests are different, would you be able to send me the headrest upholstery for the 87-89 with the SVO kit or is a kit a kit and there's no changing it? Also wondered about price, I wish to only do the front seats, I have no back seat. Please pm me a quote if possible to get the package I'm looking for (SVO foam/upholstery for FRONT seats only, and headrest upholstery that will fit my 87-89 headrest).
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  15. The headrest will fit whichever year you order for - 87-89 Large headrest 90-93 Small Rectangle Headrest. As far the pricing goes for the Front Only set, the only dealer I have that sells this model as a Front Only set is CJ Pony Parts link: http://www.cjponyparts.com/tmi-upholstery-mach-1-style-svo-high-back-seats-1987-1989/p/U46-V/

    And here is the link to the foam: http://www.cjponyparts.com/seat-foam-svo-1984-1986/p/SF17/

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  16. Hello,
    I have a 1991 LX convertable with the sport seats.
    I'm looking to get new cloth seat upholstery for the front seats only. The rear seats look like new.
    Currently it has what appears to be a black/gray tweed cloth.
    I got a sample from you but it appears to just be solid black.

    Thanks Chris

  17. Hey Chris - in cloth there was only:
    Black (1990-92) DJ
    Titanium Gray (1990-92) DA
    Scarlet Red (1987-92) DD

    So if the black wasn't it - then it would have to be the Titanium, however, our material is a reproduction and not an exact match for the original material - PM your address again and I'll get you out a sample of the titanium gray. - thanks W
  18. It's certainly not gray. It's mostly black with a hint of gray sewn in.
    Either that or it's just that worn out.:)

    I'll probably just redo all the seats so they match.
    Thanks for the reply. You guys have some really nice looking products.
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