Upholstery Upgrades using Stock Fox Frames!!

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  1. I have done a swap like this. I took my standard LX seats and upholstered them with 1983 foams and customer upholstery from TMI and was very satisfied.

    Went from this:


    To this:


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  2. I have a 1991lx with leather sport seats in titanium. Can I get the pony style covers in titanium with a red insert for my car? How about the boss style covers in titanium with the red stripe? I want a more interesting cover than all gray. Vinyl is not an issue, but blah is.
  3. Are the headrests available for 89 original LX seats? Wouldn't mind the Mach 1 type you sell, only I have no idea where to get the headrests. If spending say $3oo per seat to update I might as well go aftermarket racing seats.
  4. Hello,
    I have a 1991 Mustang LX convertible with the sport seats.
    I’m going to be ordering new front foams as well as complete front and rear black vinyl seat upholstery very soon and was wondering if there are any installation instructions available. I’ve checked your website and it says “coming soon”.
  5. The TMI Guy could perhaps answer this....you said the LX for 90 converts to high back but what about 89?? According to the pix the 89 doesn't show a headrest?
  6. Upholstery is lovely, but what about new SEATS (frames and motors)? This seems to be a business void. No one is doing it. Which I find baffling since it covers many years of FOX sets. (the frames)
  7. get it started and team up with TMI
  8. If I could weld a little better and still owned one, plus a punch press and forming equipment/brake, etc. I would go for it....some of the racing seats are priced in the stratosphere...wth?
  9. I found this guide for repairing. I guess taking this to an upholstery shop is a step in the right direction. OR TMI could start doing this themselves. Buy up old seats and repair/re-foam/skin. Have you send in yours for core, etc.


    Another dumb question....do 94+ upper seat back use the same bolt patterns? Could, you say, be clever and use a 94+ upper with the 87-93 lower? Thus no increase in seating height?
  10. I ordered the tmi mach 1 seats for my 88 t top and i absolutely love them.

    I ordered from CJ pony parts and i'm glad i did. They were cheaper and they offered more color options than anybody else. I even emailed LRS and they told me that they only come with the red stripe and no other color and they cant be customized or modified.

    But i get on CJ"S site and they offer three diff colors right on there site!!!! Which i was really glad because my cars blue and would look really stupid with red stripes in my seats! lol

    It took about 35 days for them to get them too me because they make the upholstery as you order it so there is a small wait time. BUT IT IS WORTH IT BIGTIME!!!
    I installed the covers myself and had no fitment issues or quality issues at all. There are no instructions include with them but you can find write ups on the net if you do a google search.

    I think i paid $450.00 and that was for the full set for my hatch, with the large headrests which i didnt use because i put halo headrests in them because i never really liked the big headrests.

    If anybody has any questions just message me and iwill be glad to help any way i can:nice:
    2013-04-18 22.07.54.png
    2013-04-18 22.07.05.png 2013-04-18 22.07.29.png
    2013-04-18 22.08.29.png
    2013-04-18 22.08.48.png
  11. Yeah those look great and I don't even have an issue with the price. But this all depends on one key component. THE FRAMES. Which for most of us are in terrible shape.

    Come on TMI! Make some frames or better yet FULL SEATS. I see MUCH value in that.
  12. And before anybody asks the wrinkles that you see in the seats pretty much went away once there broken in. Also i did not use new foam like they suggest and i just used my old foams so im sure that had a bit to do with it.
  13. My frames were not in the best of shape. The passenger side was OK but the drivers side SUCKED! They weren't bent at all but my drivers side was rusted to hell and back. My car sat for a long time before i got it and had its fair share of rust and mice nests threw the whole interior.

    The drivers seat had a saggy bottom and just sucked. Ordered a new seat spring off ebay and looks a lot better now. I still have to finish the drivers bottom yet and put it back together and throw it in the car.

    I do realize this doesn't help anybody whos frames are beyond repair though... :cool:
  14. Looks great. Was your interior originally black or have you swapped parts or dyed?
  15. Holy crap that looks sick!!!

    I doubt we will ever make frames, we will probably always just stick to the upholstery side of it.
  16. I was going to start a separate thread but since this was already a sticky, it seemed as good a place as any. For anyone who's on the fence about rebuilding their stock seats, don't be it's very straight forward once you get into it. Consider your back and back side? You spend 99% of your time in your car seated (I don't even want to think about what you sicko's do the other 1% of the time), so why not park your keaster on a set of nice new seat foams?

    Ever wonder how ratty a set of stock seat foams can look after 20-years, take a look at the comparison below.


    Notice how crushed and distorted the side bolsters have become over the years. I can't imagine they do much of a job holding you in place during hard cornering, can you?

    View attachment 129681

    They look just about as bad from the back. Notice how much more uniformed the replacement seat foam backing is in comparison.

    View attachment 129682

    This view gives a better indication of the differences in the side bolstering and just how completely sacked the lower lumbar region of the stockers is. Can't imagine that's good for your back.

    View attachment 129683

    Seat Cushion

    ....was in even worse shape than the backrest. Now I can see why the previous owner of these seats sold them to me so cheap. (Note the hole in the original foam on the right side, where the seat frame had completely worn through).

    View attachment 129684

    The differences in sides of these two foams speak for themselves. Notice the distortion and "crushed" appearance from years of abuse and sliding in and out of the car. Since the lower foams are universal to passenger and drivers side, you will need to notch the foam for your lumbar controls (if yours have that option like mine did). This required nothing more than a sharp kitchen knife.

    View attachment 129685

    The hold for the optional lumbar knob molded into the seat foam

    View attachment 129686

    This is probably the most telling picture of them all. Look how utterly obliterated the lower foam is in comparison. The side bolstering is so poorly distorted and diminished that it may as well not exist at all and there is almost no cushioning effect left to bottom section. I swear I could feel the springs when I sat down in them before. It's no wonder people replace these seats with aftermarket units so often.

    View attachment 129687

    I should also note. The seat form material is much firmer than stock. You sit higher in the seat and don't sink down into nothingness like you do with the stockers.

    The end results speak for themselves (ignore how dirty the seat covers look....a combination of fade and lighting). Note the area I repaired where the seat frame wore through the original foam and into the seat cover....

    View attachment 129688

    I'll update again once I've got the seat bolted into the car. When the weather warms up, I want to lay it out in the warm sun a bit to soften and help stretch the vinyl sides a little. They too have conformed to the old seat foams and I suspect need some stretching and breaking in to conform to the new seat foams.

    View attachment 129689

    View attachment 129690

    My original pull out knee bolster was still in great shape, so I didn't replace it, but both is and the head rest come in the package. I have Halo head rests in mine, so the recovering the head rest didn't apply to me. Very pleased with the results. I bought these seats used and was unsure what year/model vehicle they were out of. Jared was 100% helpful in identifying them for me and he and I exchanged numerous emails to ensure I was set up with the right foams. If you're looking into breathing new life into your seats, I highly recommend sending him a PM TMIproducts
  17. Wow Gearbanger! Thanks for that awesome write up and the props!! We majorly appreciate it. Sorry about the issue you had 8 months ago, but I'm glad you and I got everything handled the best way possible!
  18. I agree. If there's anything you want me to add, or any other questions you have. I can work hand and hand with you.

    I can actually do a write up for differences in Fox Seat frames, seat height, etc if you want Gearbanger 101

    That was his main issue about 8 months ago, he had a seat and was told it was a certain seat and it wasn't. I took a look and immediately knew he was told it was the wrong seat. A lot of people don't know but from 1979-93 there are multiple different frames, multiple different seat heights, knee bolster, I can go on and on. I wrote my own " Fact Sheet" that I can share if you guys like.