Upholstery Upgrades using Stock Fox Frames!!

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  1. My interior was originally grey. They did not make t top cars with black interior. I swapped in almost everything from a 1990, The right way!! cutting out the Rear shoulder belt mounts and welding them into my car and welding studs to the floor for the 1990+ bottom seat mounts.

    The only thing i didnt use was the 1990 dash. It was in worse shape then my dash so i just dyed mine. However all the parts were cleaned and dyed(even the black ones) so that everything matched. Looks better than the interior did when it rolled off the showroom floor!!! lol
  2. First off....Photobucket's new format sucks. Anyone know of a good alternative? I'm getting really sick of their broken links! They didn't work the bugs out of it before forcing it on us, now here it is....months later, still garbage!!!

    No sweat man. They were well deserved. :nice:

    Ahhh, if only I knew what you were talking about right now. :D

    Yeah, sharing the fact sheet might not be a bad idea. It beats having to go through what I did again with someone else. lol
  3. Load them directly to this site.

  4. I'll call you
  5. Sure. Try me tomorrow though. Really busy day at work today.
  6. Are the seat frames from a 1996 the same as 1992 sport seats
    many years ago I switched original sport seats out of my 1992 notchback for a set of seats from a 1996 GT. Now that I am older and wiser I want to go back to the original look. I would like to re-foam and re-upholster my seats with out having to find a pair of junked sport seats
  7. Sorry no - the frames from 94-98 are unique to those years only. Also keep in mind the seats in your '92 are only the same frames from 92-93 GT - that is the 24 inch high backrest and no leg lumbar. However, the 82-92 LX lowback seats are the same frames as the 92-93 and with new foam and upholstery can be built up to be GT bolstered seats.

    Hope that helps!
  8. Finally yanked my driver's seat. We straightened it and welded all the seams. Took about an hour for the welding. Got the tears in my original cover fixed at a local upholstery shop. I tell you, the frame doesn't budge AT ALL now! No flexing and perfectly straight. I also had the upholstery shop add an extra layer of padding. The seat is SUPER cozy now.

    Again, it only took us maybe two-hours to yank the seat, weld, and put back. I really think TMI could add this service to their already amazing line of products.
  9. I'm kinda liking those Mach 1 seat covers, I had a 70 Mach 1 and guess I'm fairly old school....kind of a tossup between those and the cobra ones for me.....anyone else like either?
  10. Just out of curiosity, is it possible to get 85-86 GT style upholstery that will work with the SVO-style seat foam? I kind of like the OEM look in my car, but I'd love to have more bolstering.
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  11. Yessir. We patterned that exact thing last summer and have it available. It's not on our site - annnnd I don't think any of the dealers have it up yet. But if you are interested give us a call and customer service can give you a quote.
  12. Just a shout out for TMI I bought a grey GT interior for my 86. It is beautiful!
    I bought the grey GT door panels as well. Absolutely amazing quality.
    So happy with there products.
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  13. Hey guys, I just had a great experience with the 03-04 Cobra seats in my 93 Vert. Ordered them from TMI but in White w/gray suede inserts. its a custom color, but take a look at the difference.

    Managed to do this myself too with some hog ring pliers, a youtube video from LMR and TMI and a weekend. I love the results. What do you think? 93 old seats c.jpg 93 new seats c.jpg

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  14. Wow, that turned out great. Nice work.
  15. So TMI made the matching door panels for me, and also picked up a pair of sunvisors. Really completes the look I think.

    the panels are totally custom, with white vinyl, suede inserts, carpet bottom instead of map pockets in 85-86 light gray to match my carpet, opal gray speaker to match the rest. all for the same price as an off the shelf set. These guys were great. :)

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  16. Will/does TMI sell just rear seat upholstery kits?
  17. yup. You just have to call us directly as it's not on our site. Customer Service can help you at: 800-624-7960
  18. Hey Jpdyno2. How do you like the suede seat/back? Is it staying nice? I was thinking a black red combo for my 89 vert. Similar to what you did....
  19. Hey guys, I'm looking to see if you guys have just the front seat set for a 2002 available. My Mom's car has tears in it, and it's all in all not looking so good inside these days (The car only has like 60K miles even...) so I wanted to see what you guys offer for her.

    It's a 2002 V6, factory leather, and parchment. Honestly, we only need the set for the front seats as the rear is still great.

    Looking around a bit I see that you guys only do Sport seats (understandable, V6 ones suck) so will the foam fit the V6 frames? Also, how big of a pain is this to do by one's self? I'm reasonably mechanically inclined, but Momma is impatient, so gotta make sure I don't get a shoe thrown at me for taking too long now.

    Also, there seems to be some conflicting information on the TMI site and LMR's site regarding fitment over OEM/TMI foam, and pricing. 'Lil help there to get it all straightened out? Thanks!
  20. getting ready to do this to my 91 hatch. I am going to use the vinyl upholstery kit. Ill post pics when I finish.
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