Uploading Pics?

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  1. Okay I'm an idiot I know(I've been told many times). What's the easiest way to upload pics with an I device? I'd like to make a progress/build thread this coming year
  2. Buy an android :p
    Seriously though, I upload my photos to photobucket, then copy and paste the image links to my posts here.
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  3. The "easiest way" is to use the web browser that came with your device, to view the forum. Your device will default to the mobile skin for this forum. Pains were taken to ensure that the mobile skin for Stangnet is as clean as possible (though admittedly, there's still lots of room for improvements).

    From the mobile skin, you can upload your files and pictures directly to the forum. Be sure to display full size (I'm actually thinking of removing the thumbnail option from the mobile skin because many folks leave it thumb-nailed by default).

    Footnote: If you posts these kinds of questions in the Feedback and Testing forum, other staff and I will be alerted to it and you're likely to get a quicker and more qualified response. If a staff member doesn't know the answer then they know all of the people that do. :)
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  4. Second what Davis3 says. Besides the Andriod advice. Lol

    Upload to photobucket account. Click on the attachment tag. Copy the image link which says for forums. Paste on thread.
  5. On my phone, it has at the bottom "post reply, upload file, more options" right under the typing box on the web page. Upload file has always been easy from that box selection on my phone.
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  6. Test upload. Thanks guys
  7. :rolleyes:And that was really simple! Duh on my part

  8. ^^^^We're all on the same team!!! Posting pics is a must :rlaugh:
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  9. Although for some reason it's natural to look at the top layout cause that's where links, pic, video icons are. ....straight confusing mofo's...hint, hint....lol
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  10. Pretty good pic... I can even see the orange peel in your top coat. :p
  11. 5 lug and 98 cobra wheels, then its perfect.
  12. Yeah it needs a repaint