Suspension Upper Control Arm Clunk

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  1. I recently installed the Spohn del-sphere upper control arm on my 2012 Mustang GT. When engaging and disengaging the clutch a loud clunk sound is heard from the rear. There is no vibration and car drives fine. Is something wrong with upper control arm, upper control arm bracket, pinion angle or install?
  2. Well if that is a heim style joint then that's normal, just a symptom of that style joint that's why those aren't recommended for street cars heim joints make too much noise. Clunk clunk here and a clunk clunk there, here a clunk there a clunk everywhere a clunk clunk. o_O
  3. Will your upper control arm mount reduce the noise.
  4. HD UCA mount will not reduce the clunk, but it is recommended for spirited driving.
  5. I can't see any need for an UCA mount until you have significantly increased power and / or run racing tires.

    I also have a couple Spohn del sphere parts. I actually plan on posting a long thread about my troubles. Their customer service is complete garbage.

    Basically, they ship out their del sphere joints adjusted so that they feel tight by hand, but will quickly develop play on the car and clunk. They also do not have a torque spec for its adjustment. "As tight as you can get it with a ratchet" is what they'll tell you. Yeah, that takes the guess work out.

    My UCA was shipped at about 0.6" longer than stock, so if you didn't check yours, you should. I also love how they didn't put a tiny metal tab on the mounting flange to capture the factory bolt head, which means you have to use a second wrench when torquing it. Thanks guys!
  6. After torquing the joint down how long did it take before the del sphere joint develop play again?
  7. From "factory set" my panhard delsphere took only a few hundred miles to develop a clunk. I completely disassembled the joint, cleaned up some burrs, regreased, and reassembled. I cranked down on the joint pretty hard with the completely useless tool they sold me. It's such a simple tool (4 posts to engage 4 holes), yet they do not line up so the tool causes damage to the adjuster ring. It is solid so far now.

    The UCA I put in after this nonsense, so I knew to tighten the joint (and had to waste my time setting it to match the factory arm without a nice jig like they should have used). It seemed very quiet after the install and I didn't notice an increase in NVH with its delsphere joint on the chassis side (left the OEM rubber bushing on the axle housing). Now I can manage to get a bit of a clunk out of it when going from full decel to accel. I'm not sure whether this is just driveline lash being transmitted, or play in the joint. It's a little harder to tell for sure compared to the panhard where I can just shake the car side to side and look at the joint / listen. I may have to chock the front wheels and lay under the car while a VERY trustworthy friend applies some torque.
  8. I purchased sphon adjustable panhard bar with poly ends and it has developed a hum sound when I let go of the gas 50 mph 40 mph is that normal or did I install it wrong?

    Also have u heard any reviews any reviews about the brenspeed 650hp upgrade tuner kit for the roush supercharger.

  9. There isn't much that can go wrong with the install. Double check that your mounting bolts are not only tight, but torqued to spec. This is important because you must clamp hard enough to deform the mounting brackets, so everything locks together.

    Beyond that, poly bushings will transmit more rear end and tire noise into the cabin.
  10. Finally got the problem solved the upper control arm was hitting the differential. The uca housing bushing is not strong enough.