UPR Airbag delete kits

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  1. Edit, i am an idiot and didnt read the full post...sorry
  2. now my post isnt funny

  3. Lol, i knew someone was gonna say something about removing the airbag.

    There was never an airbag to begin with :)
  4. Does Ford sell this part? I think i remember reading it was a Ford part that UPR was reselling at higher cost. Does make sense since it does have a FOrd emblem on it.

    Kinda sucks it doesn't have a Mustang on it. Can i use the panel from an airbag car?
  5. It's the standard black not the charcoal black like the 00-04 cars have. I had one in my 2000 and it did not match the charcoal but was close enough.

  6. Is the FR500 steering wheel charcoal?
  7. im certain the FR500 steering wheel is dark charcoal
  8. The delete doesn't even have a Mustang on it. It has a Ford oval.

    That makes me think it's a Ford part...but what's the part number?

  9. the FR500 steering wheel is black, i have it in my '04. it did match my '94 though.
  10. Ok how bout this

    Can an airbag cover be reused on a wheel after it's been blown?

    In other words can you remove the airbag, wash the crap out of it first, and then attach it to the wheel so it is secure?
  11. Well technically yes you can but you really wouldn't want to because it would look terrible. Airbags are designed to rip the cover open. The steering wheel one splits horizontally through the center and stops short of the sides and since there is no seem there it would look like crap taped back together. The driver side has a seem and it can be taped back together and put back in. My first passenger side airbag delete was from a blown airbag. I just went to a junkyard and cut the outside panels off and taped them together and installed it with velcro. It looked fine for the most part but in hot weather the glue from the tape would melt and it didn't look so good.

  12. Ah wasn't aware that it split. I thought it just flipped up.

    Hmm...so i guess i'm stuck with the crappy Ford delete unless i find an airbag and use it in place not hooked up. Seems like a waste since they are a little expensive