Mach 1 UPR and Strange settings on a 03 Mach

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  1. I consider that more of a retrofit kit putting a coil over in the stock location. What I was talking about was when the shocks are moved inside the frame rails on their own bar and mount.

    I'll check those springs this morning for you... Good Luck, rev it high and let it fly!
  2. I'm glad you're making progress. I PMed you my cell #.
  3. PM'd you back in conversation, thanks. Ran a [email protected] mph with 1.9 60 ft. time, thanks for all the help everybody!!!
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    My solution to the creaks and groans, did Dynamat in trunk with 1/2" Dynaliner on top. Think the bottoming out is coming from the pinion snubber. I bought a shorter snubber to see if that is what is banging. Been running the shocks set on 8 on the street trying to compensate to stiffen the rear, but ride sucks. Thanks for all the help!!!
  5. Well, an update. Still having the problem of the bottoming out with the shorter pinion snub, I sent an email with pics to Dave a Team Z and he said the set up wasn't safe, the black strange 10 ways shocks bottom eyelet aren't designed to be a coil over shock and hold the weight of the car, his advise was to put the stock springs back in the car, so I am going tgo buy a set of ISO's and put springs back in with the UPR upper and lowers. Thanks everyone, will update how this goes!!
  6. All due respect to Dave, but we have plenty of customers using the Strange shocks as coilovers with no problems. Keep in mind that he is one of our competitors. At least you're keeping the UPR control arms. That's good.
  7. I hear ya Sharad, I just reached a point that didn't know what to do. I talked to 5 guys with the exact setup I have, UPR coil over and the have zero issues, with one difference: All 5 got QA 1 springs (10-150 like mine), when mine came they were Viking. When they first came I called UPR because I thought they sent the wrong stuff since the website said QA1 springs, guy on phone gave a long story of they were the same, blah blah, but its like the spring is just not supporting the car, any bump and bang. and I thought it was hitting the pinion snubber, but when I put the shorter one in, not a mark on the stock one, so it sounds like it is the SPRING completely compressing on itself and banging on itself. At least Dave didn't try to sell me anything, he just suggested I put stock springs back on, which I am trading labor and some tire mounting in exchange for the coil over. I am going to keep the Strange shocks, question: The bottom shock mount that came with the coil over kit, when I put the stock springs back in can I keep the Strange in that same bottom mount or should I just use the original mount? I am also going with new ISO's , heard can be loud without them and I am not trying to lower the car anyone, I am old school and actually like a slight rake from back to front. Thanks for the reply, let you know how it goes. For the street, on psi do you recommended for my new Nitto N555 (not R,), on my Mach?? Thanks again :chair:
  8. You should be able to use either shock mount. I'd go with the stock one.

    For max traction, you'll probably want to run the NT555s around 28psi +/- a couple pounds. But it'll handle better with more pressure.
  9. Thanks, I am hoping going back to stock springs with ISO's will help with that floating feeling I am getting( when I am driving car seems to want to just go to right, then left, seems to be floating like, hoping because I am not used to the 275 in front, going from a 245).When you say handle better with more pressure, will a little more pressure in the front maybe help with that floating/tracking feeling I described? Should I run a little less in the back compared to front, or do they like all 4 to be equal? Thanks for always replying, and I posted pics in the Mach 1 foto section with the new rims!! ;)
  10. What size tires are you running on front and back?
  11. I have 275 40 ZR 17 Nitto N 555 extreme performance( not the R) on all 4 sides, equal front and back on 17 x 9 rims, Thanks!!!!
  12. I would expect optimum cornering to be around 35-40 psi cold, and optimum drag being around 28-30psi cold in the rear.
  13. I may try 30 in the rear and 35 in the front, or just run 35 all 4 and see what settings to run on the shocks. Now that I am going back to the stock springs, have to learn again, plus a 275 sticky street Nitto is what I need to get used to when I say the car wants to "track", I will update by keeping a note pad and see what feels better. Thanks a bunch Sharad, I will let you know when my next rip to Lehigh is, like to meet up down there so time!!
  14. Ok, running 35 psi all the way around and it likes it!! In the morning I am having installed a set of KYB AGX struts with new bushings. With the stock rear springs and new ISO, no more bottoming out ( running Strange shocks on 4 ), STILL have this squeaking/creaky sound that is coming mainly from passenger side, one thing I forgot to mention with this f***ing mechanic I deal with, seems that , and I think I got it right, the UPR Upper CA bolt holes were not big enough for the stock control arm bolt and they drilled out the metal bushing for the bolt to slide thru, I will ask again tomorrow if it was the upper, could thiis be my sound, or is it the Strange shocks??( I hear they can be noisy, just not sure what they would sound like, thinking of going with the KYB in the rear as well). Sharad, I will almost 100 % be in Lehigh on the 18 or 19 till 22 or 23, would like to meet up, I will drive the Mach just so you can hear this and see what you think, hell, maybe it is a normal sound converting to UCA/LCA with the stiffer bushings. Thanks for ANYONE'S input that might have this similar set up!! :scratch:
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  15. KYB struts installed with new strut bushings, they are set on #2 (adjust 1 to 4). Little stiffer up front, with 35 psi all around and the coil overs gone, she has turned into quite the corner carver. Now, when I mount DR and hit the track, rear strange to??? and front struts to ??? I got it down to the creaking is the passenger lower control arm, back mount bushing. Can I spray with white lithium, maybe just crack the bolt and lube it good? I think it will just be something I will have to deal with, really not bad, just OCD when it comes to nvh. Thanks for putting up with this thread!!!
  16. I just texted you. We'll hook up tonight or tomorrow so I can go over the car. You'll have to swing by my place so I can show you my Fox. :)
  17. Dude, you misunderstood , I am in Georgia!!!!!! I am going to Lehigh on 18 or 19, that is where my parents live. For now wanted your input on the post up to date. I am working tomorrow 3 pm to 11 pm and we can talk anytime after 5, I can talk at work.
  18. Nice meeting you yesterday!
  19. Like wise, Fox is INCREDIBLE!!!! Had an awesome ride back to GA on I 75, no need to say more. Thanks for the great inputs on Mach, let you know when in town next time, may have something for you, never know!!! :flame:
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  20. Thanks dude. Maybe next time I can take you for a spin in the Fox.
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